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4 Of The Best Jobs For Giving Back To Your Community

Heading into the world of work and dreading the prospect of a job that doesn’t make you fulfilled and proud? Or have you been in work for a while, but never feel like you’re achieving anything tangible and worthwhile? Then it could be time to look for a job that gives back to your community.

A job of this nature will likely come with many challenges whether they be mental or physical. But those already in such positions will tell you that there is no feel quite like successfully helping another person. Whether this is cutting a child out of a car, or helping a child to read a book about cars, what is important is that you are helping. By improving and enriching another person’s life in this way, you improve and enrich your own.

So, with this in mind, here are a few jobs you might want to consider.


5911803977_8cb3a5c879_mWhere would we all be without great teachers? Not very far, that is for sure! If you can manage children or young adults, teaching is one the single most rewarding jobs out there. Yes, it is incredibly challenging. But what better way to give back to your community that to educate its young people? As for how to get on the ladder, there are Teaching Credential Programs out there. If you have a bachelor’s degree in another subject, they’re the perfect place to start.



Fire Brigade

US Marine Corps (USMC) Fire Fighters assigned to Aircraft Rescue and Fire-Fighting (ARFF), train to extinguish fires inside the mock aircraft fire pit, aboard Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort, South Carolina (SC). (USMC PHOTO BY LCPL EDWARD BROWN 050217-M-2697B-020)

There is a widespread belief that firefighters spend all of the time attending and tackling fires. While this is true in some cities, and in some instances, there are a large number of firefighters who very rarely attend actual fires. Instead, they spend a lot of time attending road traffic accidents, also know as RTA’s. Their equipment can cut people out of cars, for example. This means that firefighters are helping the community out in not just one, but two ways.




4718379786_f3d6ff076b_mAnyone who has even been cared for by a hard working nurse will tell you just how special they are. While the training is hard work, the career at the end of it is incredibly rewarding. Or how about midwifery? You’ll be bringing brand new life into the world, and helping hundreds of parents along the way. Or, if you feel like there is one particular area you could really contribute towards, this in option too. Whether it’s helping children or people with mental illnesses, there will be the perfect position that you can work towards.




Unlike the seemingly angelic fire brigade, the police get a bad rap in many towns and countries around the world. However, this shouldn’t put you off. The difference you can make to a community and the individuals within it are phenomenal. You can give a drunk girl wandering around in a dangerous area on a Friday night a safe passage home. You can comfort a little boy whose mother has collapsed in a busy shopping centre. You can do these things, and so much more. Plus, as you work your way up, you can focus on certain areas that you enjoy more or get more out of.

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