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4 Well Paid Jobs You Can Do Without a College Degree

We spend the majority of our lives working. Whether it be something we love or loathe, that’s a different topic.

But as more young people are joining the forces, we see a trend that put a shift on how we used to perceive work and life altogether. More and more people aren’t excited about getting in debt before they graduate school just to work to pay out that debt for a decade after that.

So, should you ditch the old-school way of going to university, graduating and finding a job, or should you just skip the college altogether and go work a job that doesn’t require a college degree?

Well, we feel this is a topic that has no one answer. It depends. But, indeed, you can still work and make a lot of money working a job that doesn’t require you to graduate a college degree. It mostly requires you to work hard (don’t get it wrong, you still have to study a lot too).

Sling ink for a pretty penny.

While the picture of the struggling writer has become a cliché one, the world still depends heavily on writers (c’mon, you’re currently reading an article, written by a human).

But while creative writing does revolve around a lot of struggling, the art of copywriting has been pretty paid in the last half a century. With ad-men like David Ogilvy and others like him praising copywriting, companies are constantly on the lookout for someone who can sling ink.

We mean, just google a “recruiter near me” and you have your options on the table. There’s one thing though. If you don’t have any experience in the field, we’d suggest you start as a trainee and just work your way up.

Focus your time on becoming an SEO.

This one is somewhat connected to the copywriter role. “SEO” stands for Search Engine Optimization and as someone in this role, you’ll be tasked to improve and rank a website higher on search engines like Google or Bing.

Don’t worry though! There’s almost no coding, and if you don’t like the technical side of SEO, you can easily specialize in the onsite and content part of search engine optimization.

Focus on your passions.

Okay, this is technically not a position, but we decided to include it because more young people than ever are choosing to chase their passions rather than opt-out for a regular nine to five.

And while we can’t say become a singer, artisans have a great open playing field in front of them. If you’re into carpentry or any other type of work — consider putting in the hours to make it your full-time gig.

Design work is all about your vision.

Back onto the computer-based work — chasing a designer profession is a great option! While there are a lot of designers who go to design school, it mostly boils down to having an eye for it.

All of the stuff design students study at university can be easily learned online. The rest is just practice. You can show your work on websites like Dribbble or Behance for free!

While these are just a drop in the ocean, now more than ever there are opportunities for everyone to start doing what they truly love.

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