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5 Best Reasons to Get a Bachelors in Marketing

5 Best Reasons to Get a Bachelors in MarketingIf you’re beginning college and haven’t yet decided on a major, consider getting a bachelors in marketing. This exciting field is constantly evolving and growing and the industry needs fresh young faces who are ready to come on board and present fun new ideas.

Websites like are great resources for discovering more about the marketing field. If you still need more convincing, here are five of the best reasons to get a bachelors in marketing.

Marketing is the Backbone to Every Business 

No business works if they don’t have good marketing. When you work in marketing, you’re working in an industry that is needed by all other industries. Your job will be exciting: one week you might be creating a killer Twitter campaign for a tech start-up and the next you might be creating a guerrilla campaign for a fashion company.

Computer Junkies Welcomed 

If you love working in computers and internet but a tech degree sounds totally snooze-worthy, marketing is the perfect major for you. New marketing is very heavily based on the web, so technology nerds will have a blast trying to conquer social media and use exciting new technologies to spread the word about great brands. The advertising service is a great example not only of free postcard design, but also of amazing internet marketing at work.

Diverse Opportunities 

The word “marketing” covers a pretty expansive field. Some marketers are guerrilla marketers who take their company’s product to the streets, while others run highly sophisticated internet campaigns to spread their brand’s name around the web. No matter what facet of marketing most attracts you, you’ll have a wide array of options.

Meet Amazing People 

You’ll meet amazing people as a marketing major, from the people you meet during school to the interesting individuals you’ll befriend throughout your career. Marketing folk run the gamut from by-the-books business types to creative geniuses with backgrounds in theater or art. You’ll meet interesting, cool people from virtually all walks of life.

It’s Fun! 

If the top four reasons haven’t convinced you enough, then just know this: Marketing is fun. Every day presents a new challenge that requires you and your colleagues to come up with new and innovative ways to market a product or brand. No two months in the marketing game are alike; instead, it’s always changing and evolving. Your job will never be boring.

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