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5 Careers That Require You to Carry a Firearm

If you have a love for firearms, there are many occupations that allow you to carry a weapon on the job. Many of these positions have to do with security and protection, but there are also more exciting and adventurous jobs that require you carry a concealed weapon. When it comes down to it, guns are only dangerous when they are in the hands of dangerous people. Many of these jobs require extensive background checks to make sure that the person being hired is safe and sound. Not only that, but the person must also undergo extensive training. Here are five careers that require you to carry a firearm.

Police Officer

This is one of the most common jobs that requires you to carry a weapon. As a police officer, you will be required to carry a weapon on a special holster. If you want to become a police officer, you are required to go through a police academy, marksmen training, background checks and a litany of health tests. Once you get your badge, you will be carrying your weapon on you at all times when you are on duty.

If your love of guns and police is your dream career, then becoming a police officer serving the people will be perfect for you. Police officers have always been people look up to. One way to motivate yourself to carry out a series of training efforts to become a police officer is by using police challenge coins.  Your very own Police Challenge Coin will empower you, and you can customize challenge coins at

Undercover Detective

A detective usually has a police background, but has made it through a number of other fields to become qualified as a detective. A detective usually carries a firearm on their side – concealed in a jacket holster – or they may carry a firearm on their ankle. Whatever the case is, an undercover detective will be in numerous dangerous situations. Your job as an undercover detective is to take down criminal enterprises and other lascivious activities. A firearm may at some point mean the difference of life or death, especially in the instance that you need to protect yourself.

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If you have a love for rifles and long distance weaponry, perhaps becoming a sniper would be an excellent position for you. As a sniper, it will be your job to protect other members in your troop during wartime – either in the military or navy – or you may work as a member of a SWAT team. As a sniper, it is important to have excellent marksmanship. You can visit to find a range near you, because you will need as much training as possible.

Personal Security Guard

As a personal security guard, you may be working for a member of the government or a high profile celebrity. You will usually carry your gun on a holster or belt clip, but you usually have to conceal it. As a personal security guard, you will usually need a concealed carry permit in order to legally own and operate your gun.

Border Patrol Officer

As a border patrol officer, it will be your job to protect the boarders from illegal aliens without documentation. You may work at a border booth checking passports, or you could land a position as a patrol agent that scours the landscape for coyotes and other people trying to make it into the country illegally.

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