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5 Emerging Careers in Health and Fitness

There are some of us who work out simply because we know it’s the right thing to do for the sake of our health and overall well-being. Then, there are some who do it for more reasons than that—they enjoy exercising, they look forward to learning more about fitness and they even get excited about teaching others what they have discovered.

If you are someone who can relate to having a passion for health and fitness, then have you ever considered pursuing a career in the field? There are actually several options that you can choose from; if you’re interested in knowing what those are, we’ve enclosed five of them below:

Group exercise instructor. If you happen to be someone who is new to the health and fitness industry, something that you might want to do in order to get your feet into the door is become a group exercise instructor. These are the individuals who are hired by gyms and sometimes even spas to teach various forms of exercise to groups of people. Just keep in mind that in most cases, this is a part-time position.

Personal trainer. For those who want to make health and fitness a full-time career, some choose to go into personal training. Like a group exercise instructor, you can also do this at a health facility although many individuals opt to run their own business instead. In order to be a personal trainer, you must earn your certification (the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America is one place that offers it) and it’s also recommended that you get liability insurance coverage.

Wellness coach. Another option that’s continuing to become more and more popular is a wellness coach. They go beyond teaching people how to exercise because they also instruct their clients about nutrition, weight management and how to reduce stress. Some wellness coaches even become authors and speak at seminars and conferences. And while you don’t need a degree, it is recommended that you get certified. Wellness Coaches School can provide you with more info.

Physical therapist. Say that you know someone who recently had surgery for an anterior approach hip replacement. One of the things that their doctor is going to recommend is that they have several weeks of physical therapy. To be able to practice in this field, you will need your undergraduate degree (preferably in a science) as well as a post-graduate one (in something like anatomy or neuroscience) before taking the National Physical Therapy Examination. The good news is that all of that work pays off. On average, physical therapists make around $76,000 annually.

Dietician. If you’re passionate about helping people to make wise choices when it comes to the foods that they buy and how they prepare them, then becoming a dietician might be just the career path for you. In order to work in this particular industry, you will need a degree in nutrition, dietetics or a related field, complete an internship and pass an examination that is offered by the Commission on Dietetic Registration. For more information on the field of dietetics, visit

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