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5 Great Jobs in Home Improvement and Maintenance

In the home improvement and maintenance industry, there is a world of opportunity. Best of all, there are so many different opportunities, so no matter what your education level is, or how dirty you want your hands to get at the end of the day, you can usually find a position that is perfect for you. Not only that, but if you work for a certain company, you can receive great employment and retirement benefits, especially if you work full time, which can be a huge boon if you have a family. So, if you have a love for tools, engineering, building and the smell of fresh paint, the home improvement and maintenance industry may be perfect for you. Here are five great jobs in home improvement and maintenance.

  1. Handyman. Becoming a handyman can be a great way to create your own schedule and be your own boss. Of course, you can work for a company that dispatches handymen, but there are a number of ways to go solo, which can be a better opportunity to make more money and have more flexibility. If you know how to fix simple to complex tasks in the home, perhaps becoming a handyman is the perfect profession for you.
  2. HVAC technician. An HVAC technician is usually responsible for repairing and performing maintenance on HVAC units, like high efficiency heat pumps and central air conditioners. Not only that, but an HVAC technician will also help install an HVAC unit and help a homeowner find the right unit for their home. When it comes to providing heating, cooling and ventilation to a home, an HVAC technician is essential, so this is a great position for someone that wants to secure a career with so much demand.
  3. Mold remediation. This is a unique position, because more and more people are realizing the ravaging affects of mold. Mold, which grows in moist, damp environments can wreak havoc on a home. Not only that, but it can also wreak havoc on your health. This is why mold remediation is so important. A mold remediation specialist will help detect mold in the home and will take measures to remove it. If the mold is especially bad, there may be minor construction involved.
  4. A house painter. Housing painting is vital – some people may want to give their home a fresh coat, change the color of the walls in a certain room or perhaps you want to repaint your walls before you sell your home. A house painter could work with a team of house painters, or a house painter could go solo. A housepainter may also install moulding and other details to the wall of a home.
  5. A woodworker. This is a unique position in the home improvement and maintenance industry. As a woodworker, you could be installing wood floors or working on other fine details in the home. In most cases, you will be working in older homes where there is more fine wood working detail. All in all, as a woodworker, you will be combining your craft with hard work, which can be quite rewarding.

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