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5 High-Paying Trade Jobs You Should Consider

A trade job is an exceptional career opportunity. Especially if you are looking for challenging and hands-on work experience, additionally, these jobs are an ideal career path for an individual with vocational training or a specialized set of skills.

If you are interested in applying to a trade school or already have a particular skill and are researching for trade jobs in your area, discovering the wide range of high-paying trade jobs can assist you in choosing the right career path that satisfies your interests.

In this short article, you will learn about some of the high-earning trade jobs and the skills you need for each career opportunity. Let’s begin with answering the question:


What Is a Trade Job?


As mentioned above, a trade job is a career opportunity that requires you to have a particular set of skills. However, if you don’t have any skills yet, don’t worry, as you can learn these skills through apprenticeship, vocational schools, or experience. Moreover, to find these jobs, you don’t have to search door to door, as you can easily find trade jobs online, according to your interests. Also, if you want to pursue a career performing a trade job, you do not require a college degree. For all these reasons, trade jobs are becoming a lucrative career opportunity for people looking to switch careers based on their skillset.

This brings us to the career choices you can make with trade jobs:


1.  Landscape Designer


A landscape designer always works on outdoor garden or residential design projects. Their main objective is to choose plants and other pieces that complement the environment and enhance the beauty of an outdoor landscape.

However, the designs may differ depending on the surroundings and comprise water features, flora, sculptures, or pathways.

For instance, landscape designers operating in hotter climates may prefer using native plants, rocks, and pebbles, while designers doing their jobs in places with more temperate climates may specifically use shrubs, trees, and other plants that mix well with the environment.


The Duties a Landscape Designer Performs:


— Consulting and assessing the needs and budget of the client’s

— Formulating and presenting clients with new and exciting design ideas

— Ensuring that the drainage is functioning correctly and advising the owners on how to care for the space efficiently


Average salary per annum: $55,000 


2.  Construction Managers


A construction manager works with engineers and architects on commercial, residential, or government construction projects. The primary responsibility of the construction manager is to evaluate the building material necessary to accomplish a specific task and then obtain all the needed materials for the construction site.

Additionally, construction managers use problem-solving and analytical skills to assess blueprints and present time and cost estimates needed for project completion. So, if you have excellent leadership skills to manage construction projects and have a keen interest in serving customers while building strong relationships with them, this type of trade job is ideal for you.


Duties They Are Responsible For:


— Hiring a skillful team of construction workers

— Supervising the construction crew and process

— Securing necessary building permits

— Ensuring every action taken on a construction site complies with construction codes and regulations


Average salary per annum: $84,000



3.  Ultrasonographer or Diagnostic Medical Sonographers


As the name suggests, Ultra sonographers perform diagnostic image testing on the body. They need a specific and unique medical instrument called an “ultrasound transducer” that produces images by sending sound waves inside the body to accomplish this task.

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Diagnostic medical sonographers may need specialization in imaging the blood vessels, heart, joints, or muscles. Additionally, they can also specialize in women’s reproductive health or pediatric care. Ultrasonographers work with images from testing and work side-by-side with doctors, who search the photos for complications.

Their Duties Include:


— Consulting and clearing the doubts of the patients by answering all the questions about the procedure.

— Managing and operating the imaging equipment

— Analyzing reports and formulating a summary of the findings for the doctor

— Keeping patients’ records up-to-date.


Average salary: $40 per hour


4.  HVAC Technician


You may already know about this type of trade job, but you think it’s not your thing. If this is the reason you’ve been afraid of pursuing HVAC as a career, allow us to provide you with a better understanding of this trade.

HVAC technicians perform a wide variety of jobs. It includes installing, repairing, ventilation, heating, and maintaining refrigeration and air conditioning systems. A technician does not have to perform all the services, and they can specialize in one type of service (e.g., repairing) and type of system (e.g., air conditioning). Additionally, these technicians can perform repairs on more comprehensive industrial units and more modest residential units.

Moreover, HVAC technicians can positively contribute to the environment by installing equipment that saves energy and monetary resources for their clients. Their services help improve the air quality and thermal comfort of their customers’ homes and offices.


Duties an HVAC Technician Usually Performs:


— Installing and repairing heat pumps that decrease carbon emissions

— Replacing old filters

— Performing regular maintenance

— Installing and upgrading equipment


Average salary: $24 per hour


5.   Home Inspector


As the name implies, home inspectors do a detailed inspection of the interior and exterior of newly or previously owned houses to make sure if the place is safe to live in or not. For this purpose, they require training to become familiar with plumbing, heating, electrical and structural systems installed in the homes.

They also need to get familiar with various construction methods to find out their strengths and weaknesses. So, if you are thinking of becoming a home inspector, being physically fit would be a great addition to your resume as you may need to climb ladders and walk through congested areas. 

Issues Assessed by Home Inspectors:


— Leaks in gas lines

— Cracks in walls

— Wood decay caused by time or termites

— Issues with roof, foundation, flooring, and attached garages


Average salary per annum: $52,000


To Sum it Up

When choosing the career that interests you, you don’t always have to get a degree first. As long as you have a specific skill set, you can make a successful living out of it. The career choices mentioned will help you find the calling that pays you well and gives you job satisfaction.

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