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5 Hot Jobs in the Automotive Industry

The car industry has gone through multiple iterations since its impetus nearly 100 years ago. When it comes down to it, the automotive industry has evolved with the needs of modern man – with the proliferation of highways, it means that our cars need to go faster and for longer distances. And as scientists warn against the irreversible impact that high exhaust vehicles are having on the environment and the atmosphere, the car industry is responding by creating vehicles that combine the old fashion combustible engine and electric fuel cells – some cars are fully electric. Not only that, but safety is also important. Basically, car manufacturers are trying to find a way to build beautiful cars that are also safe. In the car industry there are many career opportunities. Here are five hot jobs in the automotive industry.

  1. Car designer. In the automotive industry, there are many jobs available in the more creative sector. While the competition for these jobs is high, there is still a distinct possibility – especially if you have an excellent portfolio – that you could team up with some of the worlds most popular car manufacturers to help design new and future fleets of vehicles. You will usually be working with a team, but the reward of seeing your vehicle drive down the highway will be quite rewarding.
  2. Dealership owner. When it comes down to it, the car dealership is still going strong – despite what naysayers say about the Internet making dealerships obsolete. At the end of the day, consumers like to purchase vehicles from a trusted source. If you live in a community that is lacking a certain dealership, you may be able to secure a huge corner on the market for a certain vehicle. With some strong marketing and a little ambition, you could take your aspirations very far.
  3. Insurance broker. These days, becoming an insurance broker is easier than ever. All you need is your brokerage license and you could be helping people find the loan that they need to secure financing. You could also simply refer people to where they can get a quote right away. In the automotive industry, the insurance market is a great way to get your foot in the door and to start really making things happen.
  4. Vehicle technician. These days, having a knowledge of how vehicles work and operate can drastically increase your chances of securing a lifelong career. Most people don’t have the time to learn how to fix and repair their vehicle, which is why becoming a technician can be such an in demand career. Not only could you work at a garage, but you could also work for a private dealer of antique vehicles – or some other specialized car manufacturer or retailer.
  5. Automotive restoration. Do you have a love of older vehicles, vintage vehicles, or muscle cars? You are in luck, because these days, a lot of the older cars are showing signs of wear and tear, which is where automotive restorers come into place. As an automotive restorer, you will be doing what you love and you will get to rebuild and drive beautiful, rare automobiles for a living – nothing can be better than that.
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