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5 Jobs for People Who Want to Live Abroad

workWant to work abroad and take in the culture when also earning a good amount of cash. These are the five careers that can help you with just that.

  1. Become an International aid worker

Many people dreaming of going abroad and doing humanitarian work. There are many local non-governmental organizations and international organizations like the United Nations, the Red Cross, Amnesty International, and Doctors without borders that provide many opportunities. There are some jobs that will involve some hands-on aid work like assisting refugees or disaster response. These organizations also need people with experience in accounting, human resources, communications, IT, and management, according to the London School of Economics.

The more specialized and in-demand you are, the easier it will be for you to find a job as an international aid worker. Your chances of getting employed will increase the chances of you getting employment. Some of the common fields are education, physiotherapy, engineering, and health. There are some fields that don’t need more undergraduates, and it can be hard to get a work when you do this type of course.

The jobs in this field are usually competitive because of the big number of people interested in global aid work. You will need to have adequate preparations if you are really interested in a career in international or development. One way you can do this is by considering an internship or volunteer work abroad in order to gain some experience in the field that could potentially become a permanent employment, according to Idealist, a website connecting people with internships, job, and volunteer opportunities at NGOs around the world. Demonstrating interest or experience in a particular issue, country, or region can go a long way in helping you secure a position.

  1. Join the Foreign Service

The Unites States Government has a number of opportunities offered to citizens with interests of working abroad. One of the most common is the foreign service posting through the Department of State which are available in over 270 embassies, consulates, and diplomatic missions around the globe. Although many of the people who work in the foreign service sector work in diplomatic roles, they sometimes hire IT specialists, health care workers, and construction workers.

Getting a job with the foreign service may seem like a glamorous thing, but there are many challenges it comes along with. Working as a foreign service officer means being always ready to move anywhere in the world at a moment’s notice and also being stationed in remote or dangerous regions. There are some postings that give you the chance to move with your family, but there are instances where you don’t have that chance. The process of applying for such jobs is competitive and you need to go through many written and oral assessments. The general acceptance rate is 3%.

  1. Work for a global company

If you get a job with a company that has overseas offices, then it could lead to getting a position abroad, that is if you play your cards right. Brookfield Global Relocation did a survey and found out that forty-seven percent of companies they surveyed increased the number of employees serving in overseas offices and branches increased in the year 2013. The top destinations were China, Singapore, United Kingdom, and Germany.

The employer will help you with issues such as work permits and visa. They will also provide you with assistance with your relocation. Even with this support, moving will be a challenge, both financially and personally, but the rewards can be just as great. There are some issues such as setting up foreign bank accounts, currency fluctuations and paying foreign taxes that you will have to deal with. When you move with your family, you partner may not be able to work. The children will also have to make some adjustments. This means you will have to make an effort of making adequate preparations and ensuring you know as much as possible about your new life.

  1. Phlebotomist 

Being a phlebotomist will entitle you to work in a smorgasbord of places across the globe and in a large number of different medical areas. Taking blood is something that like the substance itself, is highly in demand as a profession and something that allows you to travel across the globe easily. Here is a list of places where a qualified phlebotomist can work. These can help an individual have a great exciting life and travel when earning well at the same time.

  1. Teach English

You will need to have at least a bachelor’s degree in order to get a teaching job abroad in many cases. If you want to be a more competitive candidate, you need to have a TESL or TESOL certificate. The number of opportunities and the pay will vary from one region to another. Getting a job in Western Europe will be way harder than getting one in the Middle East and Asia. There are a number of foreign governments that sponsor programs bringing in native English speakers to their countries to teach. Some of the common countries doing this includes Korea and Japan. The Council on International Educational Exchange that provides you with the chance of working in countries such as in Mexico, China, Vietnam, Spain, and other countries. You can use them to find a teaching job abroad.

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