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5 Steps to Becoming a Certified Bookkeeper

Most people don’t know that you need your certification to become a licensed bookkeeper. However, if you have a mathematical and logistical mind, getting your certification to become a licensed bookkeeper could be an incredible way to secure a lifelong career. When it comes down to it, there are a number of ways to become a certified bookkeeper, but you must first know that you want to become one in the first place. In some cases, you will be working long hours and you will be focused on repetitive and mundane tasks. However, if you have a knack and passion for these kinds of jobs, you may love being a bookkeeper – many people do. Here are five steps to becoming a certified bookkeeper.

  1. Get your associates degree. Most bookkeeping positions will be hard to snag with an associate degree. If you show that you have enough ambition and promise, you may be able to land a bookkeeping job with only your high school diploma, but if you want to make sure that your education is well rounded, you will get your associates degree. It is also important to have a focus in math and business.
  2. Get experience. It is important to have 3,000 or more hours of work experience to be qualified to take your certification exam. So, you want to get yourself out there as best as you can. You can visit networking events, you can look for positions online, or you can count freelance hours to your certification requirements. During this phase, you may want to take a drastic cut in your hourly rate for your services, because you want to be able to compete with other up and coming bookkeepers.
  3. Study for your exam. Studying for your exam is critical. In fact, you can visit to learn everything you need to learn about taking your exam. In most cases, you need to take your exam at an institution that is accredited with your state’s bookkeeping regulatory agency. When you are preparing for your exam, you want to be organized and detail organized. You may also want to take a mock exams. It is important to sit down to take your exam and feel fully prepared.
  4. Take the bookkeeping certification exam. When it comes down to it, actually taking the exam will be the easy part, especially if you have studied hard enough. It may also be reassuring to know that you can always retake your exam. Many people don’t pass on their first try, so you may have to schedule a time to take your test again. If you pass your exam, though, you should have your certification in four to five weeks.
  5. Continue your education. Becoming a bookkeeper doesn’t stop after you get your certification, you also have to continue your education. For instance, you want to learn about new technologies, take courses on new procedures and you always want to ask questions if you don’t understand something. Becoming a bookkeeper is all about keeping up with the times.
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