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5 Sure Fire Ways To Damage Your Company Morale

Morale is a key factor in determining how successful your company is going to be. Employees that have a high level of morale are more likely to be productive and loyal members of your team. On the other hand, employees that have low morale are likely to be unproductive and eventually quit or lose their jobs. What are some ways that you can ensure that company morale is as low as possible?

3 Reasons Why Employee Engagement Is Important

1) Force Employees To Work A Rigid Schedule

Employees who can’t get time off to be with their families, take vacations or attend to personal matters are going to sour on your company quickly. In the 21st century business world, workers expect to get time off whenever they need it.

2) Don’t Make Yourself Available To Employees

Nothing is better for fostering bad relationships than never being there for your workers. When you get to work, close the door to your office and don’t answer it if someone knocks.

3) Micromanage Your Employees

Don’t offer any type of reward program for your employees when they do a good job. Instead, micromanage them at all times. Their hard work should not be rewarded because no one wants to be rewarded just for doing their job.

4) Make Sure That Ideas Only Come From A Few People

Ideas should only come from a few select people. This ensures that no one bothers to offer suggests or ways to improve the way that the company does business. Eventually, you will have a bunch of robots who cannot wait for the end of the day. They will most likely start to become bitter and interact poorly with others.

5) Play Favorites Among Your Staff

Make sure that you treat a select few on your staff with dignity and respect. This will create the impression that the employees are at fault for not doing enough to earn the respect of the managers and owners. Instead of placing the blame on you, the employees will try in vain to do whatever the favored few are doing to earn the trust of you and your management team.

Taking these steps will ensure that no one wants to work for your company. Your people will be frustrated, burned out and suffer from a lack of confidence. Either they will mope about all day or they quit in droves as soon as they get a better job offer.

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