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5 Tips for Becoming a Freelance Web Developer

Freelance web development is a great way to make a living today. The constant growth and evolution of the internet makes it a renewable resource for work, a place where new things are constantly happening and new opportunities are popping up every day. As a freelance developer, you’ll have the freedom of working on your own terms, picking your projects, and being your own boss. However, you’ll need to keep these 5 tips in mind to get to that point.

  1. Find a Partner
    Breaking into a new industry is never easy, and it will be even more difficult if you attempt to go in alone. Two heads, as they say, are better than one, so find a partner. Whether you work with someone more or less experienced than you is irrelevant. Though it may be good to have a mentor if you’re just starting out, there are benefits to any relationship of this kind. If you work with someone at a less advanced level, you’ll still be influenced by new ideas and you’ll be able to act as teacher at the same time.
  2. Learn as You Go
    It’s impossible to know everything in the world of web development, so don’t wait until you’ve amassed an encyclopedia of knowledge before you start seeking work. By the time you get up to date with all of today’s current information, you’ll already be outmoded. In order a to a successful web developer, you must be able to learn as you go. Figure out new things along the way and apply your tried and true principles to new situations. Learn to adapt to any new situation.
  3. Work Steadily
    In order to make a living making websites, you’ll need to work steadily. Many developers, particularly those in the amateur leagues, go through bursts of intense work and then remain stagnant and lazy for several days. In order to find success in a competitive field such as web development, you’ll need to work steadily every day. Don’t burn yourself out on one coding binge–spread your efforts out over a reasonable schedule to stay steady and consistent.
  4. Stay Current
    You must understand that technology grows at ever increasing speeds every day. Not long ago, computers were the size of entire rooms, and processed data at a snail’s pace compared to modern machines. In order to make a living as a web developer, you need to stay current. Whether it’s a new trend in responsive web design or PrestaShop development, you’ll have to be up to date on all the latest advances in development technology in order to be a success.
  5. Communicate with Clients
    When you start taking work from clients, it will be your responsibility to stay in touch with them. This is one of the additional burdens of being a freelancer–there is no customer service department to field questions and concerns, and there is no supervisor to whom you can defer an ornery customer. You will have to be able to communicate with your clients in a clear and friendly manner. The most successful web developer is not only the one who does the best work, but who also interacts well with clients.
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