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7 Reasons Why You Should Consider Becoming an Electrician


Choosing the right career path is a challenge. There are many options and most people want something that is both fulfilling and lucrative. If you want a profession that is always in-demand, consider becoming an electrician.


Connect Electric has compiled a list of seven reasons that might help you decide if this is the best career path for you.

  • The Energy Industry Isn’t Going Away

The energy industry is always needed. That is especially true when it comes to electricity. Even as some people move away from fossil fuels, they still rely on solar or wind technology to generate power. That isn’t going to change anytime soon. You can feel confident about choosing a job that has long-term stability.

  • There’s High Demand for Skilled Workers

There is a high demand for qualified workers. Seasoned electricians often hire younger people to take over when they retire.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that the demand for electricians is going to grow by as much as 20% in the next two years. People will be looking for reliable individuals with your skill set.

  • You Don’t Need a Four-Year College Degree

You don’t have to spend four years in college, rack up enormous debt, and earn a degree to become an electrician.

Training is involved, but it’s typically more cost-effective. In some cases, you can join apprenticeship programs without paying any tuition. You can even take paid work as an electrician while you learn.

  • Electricians Make Good Money

Electricians make a good salary. In 2015, most professionals earned an average of $55,590 annually. That amount was over $88,000 for experienced electricians. The earning potential is high if you’re prepared to learn the job and put in the time.

  • There’s Always Room to Move Up

You can continue to move up within the industry. Apprentices can become journeyman, advancing their career and their job skills. Eventually, you can become a master electrician with a higher salary and the ability to form your own company.

  • You’ll Become a Specialized Expert

Electricians learn specialized skills that are well-respected and in-demand. It’s a great way to challenge yourself and grow. You’ll need to have strong problem-solving skills, be capable of handling physical labor, and utilize critical thinking.

The work isn’t repetitive, which reduces the risk of burn out.

  • Working Hours Can Be Flexible

Chances are you will work under someone else when you get started, so you may have to follow their schedule. However, once you have developed your skills and do more of the work on your own, you can enjoy greater flexibility.

Some electricians stick to a nine to five workday. Others prefer to get jobs done after hours or on weekends. Some like a varied schedule that lets them choose when they work each week. You can even become self-employed and make all scheduling decisions yourself.

If you are motivated and willing to learn, becoming an electrician may be a great choice for you. There’s high earning potential, the job is non-repetitive and interesting, and you’ll be serving a very important purpose within your community.

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