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8 Tips for Resigning From a Job Without Burning Bridges

Resigning from a job is always an awkward situation, but everyone goes through it. Knowing how to resign from a job without burning any bridges can bring you peace of mind while also keeping future opportunities open.

To help ensure you have a smooth transition, here are eight tips to keep in mind when resigning from a job.

  1. Tell Your Boss Before Other Coworkers 

One of the biggest mistakes people make when quitting a job is telling other people before their boss. Your boss shouldn’t hear about your resignation from other people. They should hear it directly from you.

Even if you trust your coworkers, you shouldn’t risk the gossip. It could backfire and negatively impact your relationship with your boss.

  1. Give At Least Two Weeks Notice 

You should always provide at least two weeks’ notice before you quit a job. This provides your company with the appropriate time to respond to your departure.

Telling your company days before you plan on quitting is selfish and a bad look. Using a short notice resignation letter sample can give you an idea of how to write a notice of resignation.

  1. Don’t Insult Anyone During Your Final Weeks 

You never who you’ll end up working with again in the future. You want to maintain your relationships at all costs.

Offending your coworkers in your final weeks will sever your relationships and could come back to bite you.

  1. Stay on Top of Your Job Responsibilities 

Even after announcing your resignation, you’re still responsible for your work until you leave on your last day. You can make the transition smooth by staying on top of your job responsibilities and completing your current projects.

This also helps ensure you can use your former boss or coworkers as references for future jobs.

  1. Go Over the Employee Handbook 

Reviewing the employee handbook and talking to your HR department can help you understand what benefits you’re entitled to in your transition. This includes retirement plans and unused vacation and sick days.

  1. Offer to Train Your Replacement 

You can help yourself leave on good terms by training your replacement and catching them up with the projects you were working on. Supply them with any tips and suggestions you have for the job.

Providing contact information for how your old company can reach you will also go a long way.

  1. Don’t Gossip 

Avoid talking bad about your company or giving other reasons for your departure besides what you’ve told your boss. Regardless of the “real” reason you’re leaving, tell your story and stick to it.

Your boss won’t be happy if they hear alternative stories about your departure.

  1. Express Gratitude 

Regardless of how you really feel, try to express gratitude for your position and the coworkers you’re leaving behind. Feel free to leave a couple of farewell gifts and letters to those who helped you along the way.

If you experience any hostility about your departure, it’s not worth wasting your time and energy on it. Focus on the future and your next steps.

Now You Know Some Tips for Resigning From a Job 

These tips can go a long way in helping you maintain a healthy relationship with your company after resigning from a job.

You may not know it now, but leaving on a bad note could prevent you from getting future opportunities. Try to be as gracious and helpful as possible throughout your transition. It will go a long way!

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