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Because Society Says It’s So

In life, we follow many standards without question. Or at least, the majority of us do. In some cases, it’s obvious why these standards are set. For example, we’re kind to each other because that’s what society dictates. We don’t attack each other on the street or display random acts of violence. Nobody would want these rules to change. They’re necessary, not just because society dictates them. They are the best way to a peaceful and fair world. Treat others how you would like to be treated, as they say.

But, there are other standards which make less sense. We’re talking about things like the need to pay taxes for expenses we don’t agree with. Or, what we’re focusing on here, the need to get a ‘proper job.’. The 9-5 working culture is one of the most baffling things about our society. And, it’s leaving the majority of us feeling disillusioned. Sometimes, it can seem as though there’s no purpose to life. At some point, we’ve all claimed it’s like we were born to work. And, with traditional career options, it’s an understandable standpoint. A shocking amount of people work jobs they aren’t happy in because it’s the done thing. That, and they have bills to pay.

But, the time we spend complaining about ‘the system’ is wasted. We have no one to blame for our job demise but ourselves. In some countries, there’s no other choice. But that’s not the case here. No law dictates you have to work in an office. No rule claims you need to appear at work between the hours of 9 and five. These are restrictions we place upon ourselves.

But, why? For the most part, it’s a follow the crowd mentality. And, the way we’re acting benefits society, so nobody wants us to see that there are others options. But, there are many other ways of doing things! If you never took the time to research alternative options, you have no one to blame but yourself. The good news is, it’s never too late to change. Go on, choose your heart over your head with your next career choice.

Of course, when you’ve believed one thing for so long, it can be hard to change. That’s why it’s important to get creative with where you go from here. Take a little time to consider what you would do if there were no restrictions (which there aren’t, by the way). Then, find out what you need to do to make that dream career a reality. Bear in mind that even a dream job could become a chore when you have to work for someone else. It might be worth getting really innovative and breaking from traditional employment altogether.

So, how do you break from traditional employment? It’s easier than you think. The most obvious way is, of course, to start out on your own. This is a choice most of us are at least aware of. New businesses still benefit society in some ways, so they’re a popular option. But, when most of us think about starting a business, we believe it means being a boss, and needing an innovative idea. In truth, things are much more straightforward.

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People with practical skills will find it especially easy to start a business. It may be that you choose to offer those skills on a freelance basis instead. You don’t even need to employ others if you don’t want to. Builders could get a van and start offering their services on their own. Hairdressers could become mobile, and eliminate the need for a salon. And, these are just a few examples.

And, don’t think that only those with practical careers can take this step, either. As this list of the highest paying work from home jobs shows, there are plenty of academic options, too. Do your research. Consider whether your skill set would allow you to make ripples in any of these choices. Even if you’re ‘unqualified,’ there are ways to make any option work for you.

The majority of us stay in mainstream employment because we need financial security. And, there’s no denying that you risk that to a certain extent when you stand apart from the crowd. But, with a little work, you can make a more irregular income work for you. All you need to do is get into the habit of saving money when you have a lot coming in. Then, you have enough to tide you over until your next payment.

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