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Best Jobs Outlook For Jobseekers In Malta 2021

Malta ranks amongst the top ten smallest countries globally, yet it is pacing up the global employment market. This small European country is probably unknown to many, but know that professionals’ opportunities to start their lives here are no less than in developed nations. We know it’s not a reason good enough to find jobs in Malta, especially when you’re starting your career. Don’t worry. Here are a few reasons to make you change your mind.


Why Choose Malta To Start Your Career?


Did you know- Malta was ranked 22nd in the World Happiness Index in 2018? Well, now you know it. But that’s not a reason enough to make your career in Malta, better said to start your professional career.


Fewer Working Hours


Like most developed nations, labor laws in Malta allow workers to work for as little as 40 hours per week. To be precise, it’s the standard 5-day working schedule. So, you get paid for the whole month, but work for only 160-180 hours a month only.


Paid Leave


It’s pretty much a standard; labor laws entitle 25 pail leaves to workers per year. And note that these paid leaves do not include maternity or paternity leaves, sickness leaves, and other emergency health reasons.


High Average Salary


If you didn’t know it before, the average monthly salary in Malta is about 4,620 Euros. That’s way more than many other European countries in the league. Not to mention, the salaries in Malta can range between 1,170 to 20,600 Euros per month.


Great Lifestyle


Most importantly, the country’s geographical location puts it an advantage over other neighboring Europe. There are plenty of recreational activities, beautiful cultures, and historical colonial reminiscent of witnessing in Malta. Besides, the tax structure is also promising enough to let you make both time and money to pursue some relaxing adventures over the weekends. Evidently, there are plenty of reasons to start your career in Malta.

Perhaps, now you’d want to know which jobs or professions are doing best in the country. Keep scrolling and fill in yourself.


Best Jobs In Malta


We have listed the best jobs in Malta to start your career based on their mode of operation. Have a look.


Best Remote Jobs In Malta


It is noteworthy that remote jobs are more in demand, especially since the pandemic has hit us all. The reason being, it allowed employers to access a global talent pool, and that too without going overboard with the budget. Nonetheless, here are the best remote positions in Malta this year.


  1. Marketing


The corporate sector in Malta is growing like wildfire. Thousands of investors have entered the country in the last decade. And now, they all need competitive marketing professionals to take their brands up a notch. According to a report, marketing jobs in malta are expected to increase 70% by the end of 2022.


  1. IT Professionals


The second most sought-after job profile in Malta is for IT professionals. Please note that IT is an umbrella term for a number of other job roles, including web designing, software development, networking, and more. Reports suggest an IT professional earns around 7,420 Euros per month on average in Malta. That’s something to be looking forward to.


  1. Legal And Accounting


This is pretty obvious – the growing businesses need accounting and legal services. And so increases the demand for these professionals. You’ll need to be proficient with legal terminologies and accounting practices in the country, to begin with. And once you’re in, you can keep learning and making your way to the top. The sector is expected to generate 3000 employment opportunities in the coming years until 2030.


  1. Telehealth


If there is anything that the Covid has done good at, it has to be in the field of medicine. Telehealth services increased in number during 2020 and are still expanding. And in Malta, a country where technology is the backbone of the modern governance systems, the telehealth sector is gaining the limelight. A routine pharmacist earns around 6,060 Euros a month in Malta.


Best On-Site Jobs In Malta


Despite the prevailing remote work culture, there are still many jobs for professionals seeking on-site opportunities.


  1. Architects


Malta is a rapidly developing country. Precisely, the development projects going on in the country are worth around over a Million Euros. And notably, there are plenty of job opportunities for architects in the country. If you’re looking to start your career as an architect, Malta could be your way to go.


  1. Banking And Commerce


Another booming sector in the country is banking and commerce, thanks to its rapidly growing economy. The growing number of investors and startups in the country are also to thank for its growing economy. For banking professionals and accountants, the time is just right to enter the country.


  1. Real Estate Activities


As mentioned already, the country has plenty of development projects, including commercial and residential projects. If you wish to enter the sector, Malta can offer you enough opportunities to fulfill your dream. Please note that real estate activities are expected to grow at a whopping 2.5% annual growth rate through 2030.


  1. Transportation And Logistics


For a company pacing up towards development so fast, transportation and logistics play a critical role. From groceries to large industrial equipment and everything in between, logistics is the key to scale the economy. And as such, there is a huge demand for professionals in the transportation and logistics fields. Including managers, executives, and even drivers.


The Bottom Line


Malta is a developing economy, and there are plenty of employment opportunities to explore in the country. There’s something for everyone, meaning the professions mentioned above are not the only ones in demand. There are many others in the lineup too.


Besides, the country offers excellent opportunities for freshers, regardless of their nationality, considering the quality of life index, lower living expenses, and higher pay scales. In a nutshell, if you are thinking of relocating to another country to start your career, you should definitely consider Malta.

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