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Can You Leave The Desk Job Behind?

The phrase “a desk job” has become ubiquitous. As the world has moved from being manufacturing-driven to more focused on service providing, it’s an inevitability that most of us will spend our time chained to a desk.

Unfortunately, that’s really not good for us. To begin with, sitting for an excessive amount of time is incredibly bad for us. Then there is that reality that sitting hunched over is bad for your spine; not to mention the damage that staring at a screen all day can do. This might be the way of the world and how the job market operates, but that doesn’t make it okay. We might have moved on from the dangers of the Victorian factory, but the simple fact remains that in many occupations, the health of workers is compromised for the sake of profit.

So what if you want to free yourself from the shackles? Remove the chains, stretch your legs, and exist in a world that is not just the same office building year-in-year-out?

There’s no point in lying: it’s difficult.

Technology Has Made Us More Static

If you were hoping for an amazing suggestion of how you can wave a wand over your career and break free… well, it’s not going to happen. Technology has changed the way that we work. Once, a huge amount of the workforce would have been working in factories on production lines, constantly moving, seeing different things. Now, all of that work is done by machines. Jobs that require humans have become more tethered, reducing our workspace into the cubicle that you can fit a desk into.

You can’t swim against the tide and expect to find simple solutions. Your desire for more freedom is not going to change the way the marketplace works – though it’s a shame that’s the case! You might not be able to revolutionize your existing role, but if you’re willing to shake your career path up, there are still plenty of occupations that will set you free.

Is Changing Job For This Reason Alone A Good Idea?

If your only problem with your job is that it is too sedentary, then it might seem like a huge overhaul of your life just to fix one problem. But it’s worth remembering that it is a big problem. The health risks are real. It’s up to you if you feel the change is worth it.

It is possible to find careers in nature, careers that involve endless motion, work that will keep you active – but you have to be willing to make the change and look for them. Bear in mind that they might be your perfect job or there is always the risk they will just present a whole new set of problems!

Too Risky? Then Improve Your Desk Life

Abandoning your current career in pursuit of this change might be too risky. If you have dependents or generally enjoy your job apart from the desk aspect, then it might be worth looking to improve it rather than change everything all at once. Switching to a chair with proper lumbar support can help eliminate back problems and a simple daily routine of desk exercises can help mitigate the impact of all that sitting. Compromise is better than risking your livelihood, so be heartened that there are ways and means of improving the situation.

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