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Can You Work with an Open Workers Comp Claim?

Did you know that in 2013, $6.5 trillion was paid by state and federal worker’s compensation laws to injured employees?

If you were recently injured on the job and have an open workers comp claim where you’re collecting money for sustained work injuries, you want to understand all of the rules and laws. You might be wondering if you can work a second job with an open claim to make ends meet. If this sounds like you, then you’re in the right place.

Keep reading to make sure you understand the laws, to avoid getting into any legal trouble. 

Working a Second Job

While you are receiving money for an injury from your job or if are currently dealing with workers compensation settlements working a second job is more than likely not the best idea. Working another job might tell your primary employer that you are feeling better and no longer need any disability benefits. Working a second job might also be illegal and considered against the law because you are collecting money for an injury that does not allow you to work.

There are some states where as long as you had the second job before your injury you can include that income as well when filling out your information for your worker’s compensation case. When you include the income from the second job a percentage of it will be given to you in your settlement. Keep in mind that there are very specific requirements in order to qualify when it comes to receiving loss of income benefits for both a primary and second job.

Getting Paid Under the Table

If you are considering getting paid under the table at a second job while you are receiving benefits you want to make sure you speak with an experienced attorney in your area. Typically by law, you have to report any additional income you receive if you are receiving worker’s compensation benefits. 

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If you do not report additional income you might get charged with a fraud case. If this were to happen you can end up receiving prison time and a large fine. Trying to fool the system can cause you a lot of headaches in the future. 

The reason that working a second job is usually considered illegal is that the benefits are to help cover medical expenses and a percentage of lost wages because you can’t work. If you are working then this might mean that you are feeling good enough to return to your previous job.

Feeling Like a Workers Comp Claim Pro?

Please keep in mind that every state has its own laws regarding a workers comp claim. You want to make sure that you contact a worker’s comp attorney in your area to make sure you do not break any laws. 

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