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Changing Careers: 3 Things You Need to Think About

officeWhen you are younger, you might have your dream job in mind. You might have trained and then landed yourself in that dream role. But when it comes to doing the job, it might not be all you thought it would be. It could be boring, stressful or restricting. As a result, you might hate it and want to move on from it. It can be a daunting and tricky process when you think about switching careers. What if you don’t enjoy the next thing? You’ll think about the time you have taken to train and get into your current career; is a move going to be worth it? There are options for you, though. So read on and see if any of these ideas can help you decide what to do.

Become Self-Employed

One thing that you might be hating about your current role is that you have someone to report to. You might be working hard and not seeing the rewards from it. When you work for a company, then rewards often go straight to the people at the top. So that can certainly be a frustration. Would you have ever considered working for yourself and becoming self-employed? Working for yourself is hard work. It can be much more flexible and rewarding than working for someone else, though. So with a solid business plan, it could be a great idea for you. So brain storm and see if you think it would work for you.

Continue Your Education or Retrain

If you are serious about switching your career, then it could be worth getting some different qualifications. It will boost your earning potential and help you to have a wider working knowledge. If you wanted to retrain to be an account, for example, you’d need to look at accounting degrees and certifications. The same would go for retraining in law or even in the medical field. You could just go back to school and get more educated in the field you are already in. Applying for a job with a masters degree might mean more potential than applying with only a bachelor degree.

Work More Than One Job

If it is possible, then being able to work more than one job would be a good way to see what it is you want to do. If you aren’t sure about a certain new career, you could just dip your feet in part time to start with. If it all goes well, then you could build up your hours and slowly drop the other job. Completely leaving one job for another is a big decision, so this is the best of both worlds. You can test it out before diving in. You could even consider volunteering in your desired field for a while. It gives you first-hand experience and another thing to include on your resume.

Good luck with your job search. Having a change of career can be an exciting time, to get your life as you want it.

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