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Chase Your Dreams! Jobs That Would Make Your Life Happier

According to Career Bliss, an online career community that compiles the happiest and unhappiest jobs in the United States each year, money does not always equal happiness. In fact, the top unhappiest job in America, according to their survey, was an Associate Attorney, earning, on average, $111,000 per year. The happiest job in the country averaged less than half of that each year at $53,000. Using information from survey responses that included work-life balance, relationships with a boss or co-workers, company reputation, opportunity for growth and many other job-related factors, Career Bliss identified these five careers that could make your life happier as well.


5. Senior Application Developer

Senior application developers work in the computer industry, supervising teams of computer program engineers to create and update software. The senior application developer works with individual clients or large companies to review their current technology and recommend upgrades or new programs that will help the company achieve their goals. Often, the senior application developer identifies what changes need to be made, then delegate the duties of installing and upgrading to a team of software engineers. The position requires at least a bachelor’s degree in information technology or computer science, while some companies may require a master’s degree or higher.


4. Construction Superintendent

A construction superintendent oversees the construction of both residential and commercial buildings. They work under the construction manager while overseeing operational tasks, including managing sub-contractors, ordering supplies and controlling the budget. The construction superintendent must have knowledge about the type of construction they are working in, but there is no formal education required.


3. Senior Sales Representative

It is somewhat surprising that a sales position appeared on a list of the top happiest jobs in the United States, but a senior sales representative was the third happiest on the Career Bliss survey. Senior sales representatives could work for manufacturers, wholesalers, technical companies or retailers, often covering a certain territory, selling products to customers. They must maintain a relationship with clients even after the sale, and promote new products as they are available. The position often requires significant travel, and approximately 24 percent of them, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, worked more than 50 hours per week. Some say that the flexibility the position offers them is what makes them happy in their careers.


2. Senior Quality Assurance Engineer

Quality assurance engineers are responsible for testing software or webpages for development companies, in order to identify glitches or bugs before they are released to the public. Most people in this position obtain a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering or software design, and they must be able to identify the portion of the software that may be malfunctioning. Because software companies are often relaxed, less formal organizations, quality assurance engineers may feel less stressed at the office. However, during times of software or website launches, the position could require long hours.


1. Real Estate Agent

The top happiest job in the United States was surprising to some in the career industry, especially since the market is still recovering after the recent economic crisis. A real estate agent sells property, both commercial and residential, to customers. They also occasionally handle property rentals. They must understand property values, interview prospective clients, show properties to potential clients and draw up all contracts related to the sale. Real estate agents say that helping someone find their dream home or the perfect location for their business is what makes their job rewarding. Others say the career is fast-paced and exciting, and they find the challenge of locating the perfect location enjoyable. You can participate in a program online to get a Texas real estate license, or a license in any state for that matter.


Additional Career to Make You Happy

In addition to those discovered by Career Bliss, another career that provides happiness is a veterinarian. For example becoming a pet vet in Fishers lets you take care of pets who are often members of families rather than just pets. People become greatly attached to their four-legged family members, and veterinarians report that they get a sense of satisfaction when they can treat a family pet and send them home with the people who love them. Becoming a veterinarian requires a college education in animal science or biology, and the hours can be extensive, especially if the veterinarian handles emergency cases.


If you find you fit the qualifications of any of these jobs and want to find a career to make you happy, it might be time to chase your dream!

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