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Choosing A New Career

Most everyone has to select a career at some point in life.  Some people just seem to stumble into a great career by accident but for many people, it is a conscious decision. In fact you may need to choose a career more than once in your lifetime for any of a number of reasons. Choosing the right career for you can make a huge difference in how happy you are in life, so choose wisely.

Take a close look at your hobbies and what you enjoy doing most. If you love every minute of the time you spend with children, you may want to work with kids. If your passion is fixing things, then technical work may be right up your alley. If you enjoy computers, then that may be a logical career direction. Do some serious introspection and learn what truly makes you happy and the right career path will be easy to find.

Look for a career that fits the kind of lifestyle you want to have. If you want to live in a rural area where you have always lived, career choices may be much more limited. City living also doesn’t fit well with those who want to work in agriculture or with other outdoor careers. If you have children or plan to have children and want to be available to them as much as possible, you may want to look at careers that can be done on flexible schedules, from home or with the same breaks as children who are in school. Choosing a career that is flexible enough to withstand a break of several years is also a good idea for many women.

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By carefully evaluating the choices available, your lifestyle and knowing your own skills and interests well, you can choose a career that fits you perfectly. Going to work can actually be a joy, when you have the right career.

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