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Choosing Your Heart Over Your Head When It Comes To Your Career

Hard times

Whether you’re one of the lucky few who knows exactly what they want to do with their lives during school or university, or whether you are one of those people that are still unsure of your career path, choosing the right job is tricky. Sometimes we can be lead to believe that we need to make sensible choices when it comes to our career. The profession that makes the most money or provides the most security in adult life. The path that is simpler and more straightforward than something that will require dedication and trust. Of course, all of that leads to a career decision based on what your head says. The sensible choice, right? But what about having a job that you feel passionate about? Something that makes you happy when your alarm charms in a morning or a profession that gives you satisfaction each day. A career choice based on your heart.

I get it! It’s always going to be a conflict between your head and heart, after all, we can face these tough decisions in all aspects of life like relationships and finances, to name a few. But when it comes to our career it helps if you enjoy what you do, and you have a genuine interest in your job.

Not all of us have this opportunity, we don’t all have a clear indication of what we want from life at the perfect opportunity in which to take it. Leaving school and university with a clear goal is the ideal time to take that plunge into a career you want. But yet so many of us will fall into an “in-between” job that we can end up staying in much longer than we intend. Creating a career path we never thought we would be on. However, there are plenty of examples online to reignite that passion that we can strive for a job we want to do. You only have to take a look at this article to see that you can make a decision and go for it. There are plenty of tips on how to achieve your perfect career, and even processes and courses you can take that will help you get where you need to be.

Some people may wonder what they actually want to do. Not all of us have a clear indication. Quite often a chain of events of a career change and following your dreams can follow from an experience you have. Maybe wanting to better a service because you know you can do it better. Perhaps adding value somewhere when you have experienced bad customer service or a program that just doesn’t work as it should. Putting your own skills you have to good use instead of shelving them for a later date.

But the biggest hurdle you can face is taking the initial step into the career you want. Choosing your heart over your head can be a scary prospect. But for job satisfaction and a career you want, do you have any other choice?

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