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Construction Employees Seem to be the Happiest – Here’s Why

A recent study has shown that construction workers are the happiest. So, if you ever consider a corporate position because you think that it will offer you your peace of mind, think again. Facility workers and construction workers are the most pleased with their jobs, as the study claims, and given the advantages offered in the industry, it’s understandable. Currently, the construction market is on the rise, and with plenty of jobs to do for the employees, there come financial benefits. Also, then thinking of the fact that, in spite of the exhausting job these employees have, they are happy, we could only wonder why this happens. Below is some data that may clarify this for you.


Many of the coordinates that boost workplace satisfaction are met

When applying for a job, many seem to only think of the job description and the wage, and not of the coordinates that are to boost workplace satisfaction. As a professional build recruitment agency claims, in the construction industry, three of the most important variables are met.

In most work environments, a negative relationship with the team leader, supervisor or manager is one of the biggest sources of workplace disappointment. Also, even if the relationship with the supervisors is a good one, many feel disappointed by the lack of access to appropriate safety and working equipment, which seems to generate workplace conflicts in many manufacturing industries. A lack of routine and profile meetings might signal the employee that their employer simply doesn’t care. On the other hand, apparently, employers in the construction industry do put continuous efforts into assuring increased and proper safety standards.

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A field full of opportunities

Unlike in other industries, employees in the construction industry have true opportunities to advance and expand their skill and knowledge spectrum, because the employers in the field put great efforts into training them and offering apprenticeship programs. This is a two-way relationship, and employers in the construction field seem to understand this best. In order to provide high-quality services, they need skilled employees. And given the growth opportunities inside an establishment of this kind, the employees’ workplace satisfaction levels increase.

A supportive work environment

Surprisingly enough, in the construction industry, good spirits between colleagues seem to be at high levels. And while tools and career opportunities matter a lot, a good relationship with colleagues and managers seems to be the determinant factor when it comes to workplace satisfaction. Especially among younger employees, workplace friendship seems to boost their mood and happiness.

These are the reasons for which the construction industry seems to have the happiest employees. However, if you want to have a truly enjoyable experience when considering applying for a job in the field, make sure to search for a recruitment company that specialises in construction workers. They are able to provide the best positions, with some of the most advantageous opportunities in the industry.

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