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Construction: What Are The Career Opportunities?

construction Have you been struggling to find a career that’s right for you? For a lot of people, finding that ideal career can take years. The problem is, a lot of people have set ideas about the type of career they want, and won’t look past those to see the other opportunities they have. You see, there are some industries, like construction, for instance, that have roles suitable for everyone. Yes, everyone! Whether you’re passionate about science or have the skills to be a designer, there’s a place for you in the construction industry. Intrigued? Yes – then keep reading to find out all about the career opportunities in construction.

What do you need to work in construction?

Like all roles, a job in construction requires training and experience. The good news is that vocational training is an option – learning on the job. So you may not have to undertake any further educational training. Of course, that does depend on the role that you opt for, as some construction roles do require a degree. However, for certain roles, such as labouring, you don’t need educational training. However, you will need on-the-job training. For things like putting up scaffolding, for example, you would, however, need training. To take a further look into a career working at heights do some research so that you’re able to get an idea of what would be involved.

Which role would be best for you?

The golden question – which role would be best for you? Unfortunately, there’s no straight answer to this. It’s a case of taking into account your skills and experience and working out which role would be the best fit for you. There are craft roles, technical roles, and managerial roles to choose from. Technical roles are basically support roles and so, can be fantastic stepping stones to a range of opportunities. If the idea of being a quantity surveyor appeals to you, your best bet is to work as a technician so that you can gain relevant skills and experience. Craft roles are exactly what it says on the box – roles that require a craft. These are roles like decorating, carpentry, and bricklaying – these aren’t for everyone but can be a great option. Lastly, there’s professional and managerial roles. These relate to things like design, management and planning and often require a degree.

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Are there opportunities for advancement?

One of the best things about a role working in the construction industry is that there are plenty of chances for advancement. You could start off working as a technician and with the right help and encouragement, could be in a managerial position a few years later. The key to success in construction is experience. The more you learn while working, the more chance you have of being promoted.

You might not have ever thought that you would work in the construction industry, but it could be the perfect opportunity for you. There are various roles and lots of advancement opportunities, not to mention good rates of pay. It might not be a career that you dreamed of as a child, but it could just be a fantastic opportunity.

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