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Difference Boat and Yacht Crew Job Options

Working on the crew of a boat or yacht can be a very exciting and rewarding opportunity. There are a wide variety of different roles and positions within a crew that help to “keep the ship sailing” and ensure the trip runs smoothly. Here are some different boat and yacht crew job options for those interested in this unique career path.

  1. If boating is your passion, a career as a captain or co-captain could be perfect for you. This job requires that you know the rules of the sea, how to properly and safely operate a boat or yacht, radar information and so much more. This requires a great deal of training, skill and passion, but if you are up for the challenge, it can be quite rewarding and may take you all around the world.
  2. If boating isn’t necessarily your thing, you could consider a role as the boat or yacht’s chef. You would prepare mea;s in the boat’s kitchen for the individuals riding the yacht This requires culinary skill and abilities as well as a background in hospitality. You can prepare extravagant dishes for some of the more wealthy individuals in the world!
  3. If you are good with your hands, strong and reliable, a job as a deck hand would be challenging and exciting. All boats and yachts need solid deck hands to keep the boat operating efficiently. These individuals work under the command of the captain who gives orders and requests.
  4. If you like providing guests with exceptional hospitality serves, a position as a stewardess could be right for you and your abilities. People who own or rent boats and yachts expect a high quality of attention and service throughout their trip. While aboard, you would be able to answer their questions or concerns, ensure they are comfortable, wait on them for meals and drinks and well as various other responsibilities as needed.
  5. Maintenance worker. Every boat needs someone on hand who is available to make repairs and adjustments. You may change lightbulbs from Apex lighting, or have to work on an engine issue. Your services will be very important to both the captain as well as the passengers in the case that something fails to work properly and needs specialized attention and repairs.
  6. Finally, all boats and yachts need cleaning people to make sure the boat is kept clean, organized and beautiful! You will makeup beds each day, dispose of gras properly, wipe down furniture, vacuum or mop and more to keep the boat in excellent condition and to improve the experience of your guests.
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If you are interested in a position on a boat or yacht crew, there really is something out there for everyone. If you enjoy being on a boat, you could pursue a career as a boat captain, a chef, a deck hand, a maintenance worker, a stewardess or a cleaning person depending on your interested and particular skill set. These jobs are unique and can take you all around the world if you so choose!

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