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Different Career Options in the Field of Real Estate

So, you’ve been thinking about getting into real estate, eh? After all, you enjoy viewing properties, you’ve been told that you are a natural when it comes to selling things and you find it exhilarating to interact with different kinds of people on a daily basis. As a matter of fact, the only thing that’s really holding you back is the fact that the real estate market is still not as healthy (or financially prosperous) as you would like it to be.

That’s a valid concern, but did you know that there are several different career options that are in the real estate field that can help to expand your choices of what path that you want to take? We did some of the research for you and have provided you with five of them below:

Real estate agent. Traditionally, when the subject of real estate careers comes up, this is what people think about. They are independent sale professionals that are licensed to sell various residential properties. For this job, you must be at least 18 and a high school graduate. Plus you customarily need to have 30 hours of additional training in order to take a real estate exam and be licensed to work as a real estate agent, but there are a lot of people who enjoy doing it. For more information, go to

Commercial sales. Basically, someone in commercial sales does the same thing that an agent does, except it’s for properties like hotels, restaurants and office buildings. Also, rather than working independently, they tend to represent large commercial companies instead. To learn more about the field of commercial sales, visit and

Property managers. If there is a lease that needs to be negotiated (and leases almost always do), then that’s something that’s the property manager’s job to handle. That’s not all that they do, though. Oftentimes, when someone owns a house or apartment building and they are renting it out to tenants, they will hire a property manager to tend to the grounds (meaning supervise people who will take care of the property). They also make sure that rent is paid on time. can give you more details on this kind of position.

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Real estate appraisers. If you’ve been web surfing for more information on real estate careers and you happened upon a website like you may have wondered who came up with the prices that are listed next to the properties. This is where a real estate appraiser comes in. Traditionally, they work for banks or appraiser firms on how to estimate the value of the property of the home.

Real estate entrepreneurs. There is another way that you can get into real estate without having to do a lot of extra (educational) leg work. When you hear to term “house flippers”, that tends to be the slang way of saying “real estate entrepreneurs”. These are the individuals who see a home, purchase it to fix it up and then they turn around and sell it for a higher price so that they can turn over a profit. It’s something that many people have made a comfortable living by doing for years. Just make sure that you have a good eye for the property and you have the money to make the proper investment (of the house and materials to fix it).

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