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Different Job Options in Facilities Management

Warehouse workers and laptop

Warehouse workers and laptop Technology and certain professional trends are changing the face of the facilities management industry. With each one of these changes, comes a burgeoning demand for individuals who are experienced and qualified in the facilities management arena – in almost every capacity. What is facilities management? Facilities management basically has to do with the upkeep and organization of a certain enterprise’s facility. For instance, a corporation may need facilities management to run everything from the on-site cafeteria to making sure that offices are clean and certain appliances are constantly maintained. In essence, a facilities manager is essential when it comes to maintaining homeostasis in an office space or enterprise facility. Here are some exciting job options in facilities management.

  1. Automation technician. In this day and age, the world is moving closer and closer towards more fully automated systems. These automated systems include everything from temperature control to lighting. As an automation technician, it will be your responsibility to make sure that all automated systems are maintained and updated. You may also be called to troubleshoot major issues with automated systems, like crashes and other mechanical failures. In this position, it can help to have some background in programming and engineering.
  2. Software creators. In facilities management, there is also a greater need for individuals who have background and knowledge in software engineering and creation. When it comes down to it, many facility managers are using software to do their jobs more efficiently. For instance, software can be used to make sure tasks are being delegated efficiently and that certain jobs are getting done. Not only that, but software can also be implemented for checks and balances. If a facility manager wants to do his or her job right, having a strong platform to work with is critical.
  3. Managers. In the facility maintenance field, there is an increasing demand for managers – individuals who can lead a task force to properly maintain a certain facility. As a manager, it will be your responsibility to make sure everything is up to speed and that a facility is properly maintained. Not only that, but you will be responsible for making sure that everything your staff is doing is up to code and complies with building laws and regulations.
  4. Sustainability contractor. As the world goes green, more and more businesses are trying to find ways to cut down their carbon footprint. Not only is going green good for the environment – it can also save a lot of money. A sustainability contractor will come in to analyze a certain facility’s sustainability rating. A sustainability contractor will also devise a plan to make a certain business more green and energy efficient.
  5. Custodian. Whether you become a custodian for RNA Facilities Management, or some other leading facilities management company, you get to experience many different industries from a completely unique perspective. The best part about becoming a custodian is that you don’t need a lot of education or training. If you want a low-key career while you figure out what your next steps are, becoming a custodian may be a perfect livelihood for you.
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