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Different Types of Facility Manager Jobs

Industrial Manager

Industrial ManagerA facility maintenance manager is usually the head of a certain building department – either in a residential or a commercial setting. A maintenance manager will usually solve some of the most common problems that arise in plumbing, HVAC, and electrical. Not only that, but a qualified and licensed facility manager must have at least five years of experience – depending on whether or not they have a bachelor’s or associates degree – so a high skill level is a must if you want to be hired by the best and make the highest salary. Regardless of money, becoming a facility manager is a great way to make a living and receive lots of amazing benefits. Here are some different types of facility manager jobs.

One of the most common facility manager jobs is a general building maintenance operator. Basically, it is your job to make sure a building – either a commercial or residential building – is working in optimal condition. If it isn’t, it is your responsibility to make sure it is. For instance, you will oversee repairs, renovations and you will make adjustments to various infrastructures to make sure a certain facility is working at optimal capacity.

Another type of maintenance manager is charge of sanitation. Basically, it is your job to hire janitors and to make sure that a facility is clean and sanitized. This type of job is usually in demand at large factories, food processing plants and even hospitals. It may also be your job to devise an infrastructure so that a building stays its most sanitized automatically. This could include trash incinerators, building cleaning stations and even installing industrial sized washers and dryers. When it comes down to it, many of these facilities are audited on a yearly basis for sanitation, so it is critical that you perform your duties with a strong attention to detail.

Also, you could be the facility manager of a company’s security detail. For instance, large banks and financial institutions require a high level of security, so it is your job to make sure that there are armed guards and even that there are firewalls and other protective measures on computers. As a security manager for a building, it is your job to prevent hackers and even professional thieves from breaking in. In most cases, as the facility manager for a company’s security measures, you usually need a few more years of education or experience, but once you land this type of job, it can be very fulfilling.

Lastly, you could have the job of a facilities communication manager. Basically, as a facilities communication manager, it will be your job to make sure that a large corporation or organization has clear and efficient communication on all levels – from the CEO’s office to the storage room. In this day and age, communication is critical, so many businesses are looking for managers that can overhaul an existing communication infrastructure. As a communication manager, you will be busy, but it will also be incredibly rewarding.

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