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Do You Need an Alcohol License to Land a Bar Job?

Bar work is a popular choice for lots of people, whether they intend to make a career in the hospitality industry, or are just looking for something to make ends meet in between other jobs or while studying. However, many people believe that to work behind a bar in a pub or any other establishment where alcohol is served, you need to study and obtain an alcohol license. But is this true?

Well, any business, organization or individual that wants to sell alcohol does need a license for the premises and there also needs to be a ‘designated premises supervisor’ who holds a personal alcohol license. You can find out more about the different types of license and who requires them here, but as long as one person (usually a manager or supervisor) holds one of these licenses, they can authorize the rest of the bar staff to sell alcohol, so you don’t need to worry about it!

However, there are still plenty of reasons why you might choose to get your own alcohol license anyway. While a personal license isn’t 100% necessary, having one definitely will help you to land a bar job as it shows that you have a deeper understanding of the effects of alcohol and the various rules and laws that surround the sale of it.

You’ll learn some pretty useful stuff about selling alcohol and working behind a bar that definitely makes it worthwhile, especially because the course can usually be completed in as little as a day. This puts you at an immediate advantage over any other candidates for a bar job, but it could also increase your career chances in future too.

Holding a personal alcohol license gives you the chance to move up the ladder into a supervisor or management position if you wanted, or even allows you to move into other parts of the hospitality industry, whether that be things such as catering, events or even living the dream and owning your own bar!

And once you do hold a personal alcohol license, you don’t need to worry about ever taking it again as it’s a permanent qualification.

If nothing else, choosing to obtain a personal alcohol license shows some initiative and potential employers will always look kindly on your for going out of your way to do something to try to make yourself better at your job.

So if you do think that you’d be interested in obtaining an alcohol license to help land yourself a job, you need to use the license finder, or you can also visit an accredited personal license course provided by the likes of Hospitality Training Solutions, who run a number of different courses to help get you licensed.

It’s good to know that having a license isn’t a requirement, but it’s definitely something that you should consider looking into, especially if you’re struggling to find work in a bar, as it can give you that advantage that you might need to get your foot in the door.

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