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Don’t Believe these Assumptions Everyone Gets Wrong About Being a Nurse

nurseNursing professions are still extremely popular for students, and thankfully so! We need them. Especially with the rise in mental health awareness. Many students find interest in this interesting division of nursing. But there are many things we think we know about being a nurse of any kind that are simply not true. Here are some of these assumptions we all might have made at some point.

1 Finding a job is easy

All we seem to hear on the news is how in demand nurses are but this isn’t to say that the budget is there to recruit them. Or in fact that finding yourself a staff nurse jobs is going to be easy work. The interviews can be tough and often long processes are taken to make sure that the right candidate is select to survive nursing life. Never assume a nurse is taking their position for granted, they definitely worked hard to find themselves rushed off their croc protected feet.

2 They shouldn’t make mistakes

Nurses are under so much pressure every shift to get things right, and get things right quickly. Medication related mistakes are said to be the most nerve racking, but never doubt that nurses are doing their best to meet demand. And to make sure they are doing their job and using their knowledge to the best of their ability.

3 They are used to death

Nothing can ever prepare a nurse for losing the first patient under their care. Many say nothing can ever prepare for the 100th death under their care. Nurses are humans too, yes this is their job but death is also still death. Every death affects you differently and nurses are simply more superhuman than us for finding way to cover their reactions.

4 Nurses have no humour

A sense of humour is said to be something that comes hand-in-hand with being a nurse. Often a sick sense of humour, one that if overheard would leave the recipient in shock. It is however a great coping mechanism for the long days and night joint with stressful workload and constant demand for you.

5 They always get a break

12 hour shifts that turn into 15 hour shifts that never allow time for a break, breakfast bars are a nurse’s best friend. Food on the go is the only way to hold back severe hunger on a shift, never assume your nurse is well rested and is eating well.

6 They hate their job

Nurses love their jobs. For many of them, this is something they have always aspired to do, and are beyond happy to be helping you and will take the long hours and lack of food in order to pursue something they love. Try to always remember if you catch a nurse without a smile, they are trying to juggle a hundred jobs in their head and still connect and help their patients.

Nurses are some of the hardest workers in society, we can sometimes take them from granted and expect a service from them that just isn’t possible under the workload that they find themselves under. At least we have managed to clear six things that people often get wrong about being a nurse.

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