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Drunk Driving and Your Career

Before You Drive Home From The Party Drunk, Consider How Drinking And Driving Can Ruin Your Career

After a party, you might assume that you are okay to drive home. You might even be afraid of facing the possibility of waking up the next morning on a friend’s couch with permanent marker graffiti around your face. Sadly, a quick pee in the bathroom does not get the alcohol free of your bloodstream. You might not feel drunk at the end of the party, but you are likely still under the influence.

Do not drive under these circumstances, or you might wind up in court, jeopardizing your career. Not every job, employment, or profession gets impacted by drunk driving convictions, but you still risk considerable implications across your lifetime and career trajectory. 

Do You Have To Let Your Employer Know?

Not every employment contract dictates that you have to inform the employer about an offense of drunk driving. However, you should consult your employment manual or handbook to learn your company’s standards. Unfortunately, if your job responsibilities include driving, then you have to let them know. Most of the time, a conviction of this nature is going to mean automatically getting banned from driving. Other than those circumstances, there’s likely no reason you can’t keep things private for a while.

Are You Going To Lose Your Job?

This might not shock you, but it honestly depends on your specific job or place of employment. If your contract involved certain responsibilities, such as driving abilities, then it is possible you could be in breach of contract and lose the job. Also, if the drunk driving happens on company time or while driving a business vehicle, then your company has plenty of basis to fire you. If you want to know what your full set of rights are, consulting a drunk driving attorney or lawyer is advisable.

Can You Lose Your Driver’s License?

This is always a possibility when it comes to drunk driving. Some judges prove lenient at times, if you are able to demonstrate that driving is critical to your lifestyle and income, but you can probably count on losing your license. Getting to work from now on might involve riding with a coworker or finding public transportation. If your conviction is up you will still need to pay more for insurance.

Companies such as Conviction-Insure have a great selection of great value insurance offers via their comparison sites.

Can You Get Kicked Out Of Professional Associations?

Criminal records typically hurt your chances of staying in or joining professional associations. They might throw you out. Revealing a drunk driving conviction might be among the prerequisites for joining a group, but reformed individuals might be accepted. Check the association’s bylaws or rule book about how they handle this. Always stand ready to hear that someone is doing a background check on you. Honesty is best when it comes to previous convictions.

Will It Show Up On Background Checks?

Drunk driving convictions will appear on background checks, and when you apply for positions that mean dealing with young kids or vulnerable adults, you can expect a background check to happen. Basic disclosure is expected by many employers, but positions of authority do mean additional scrutiny.

Don’t think a drunk driving conviction won’t impact your professional career and employment prospects. Competition for jobs is fierce, and if an equivalent applicant has a clean record, they’ll get the job before you do. The stigma of drunk driving is serious, so avoid it rather than gambling your financial future. Find a ride home, don’t drink at the party, or just crash on the couch and risk the magic marker to the face by your prankster friends.

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