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Exploring Job Fields With A Little Less Competition

You need to get yourself a new job, and you’re worried you’re not going to get a fair look from the people putting out the job descriptions. You can put a lot of effort in – you can dress well, sound as clever as you possibly can – and the interview can still be a bust. What are you supposed to do to try and level the playing field? You look into employment opportunities outside of your chosen field, and think about where there’s less competition for you to have to go up against.

Think About Your Adaptable Skills

The first thing to do, when trying to find a job field that’ll suit you but be far less hectic, is to think about your transferable and adaptable skills. What can you do that thousands of jobs out there ask for? What kind of skills do you have that can help you pick up the mantle, even if you’re not specifically qualified for the position? 

Getting rid of the competition is all about thinking about where else you could go before anyone else does. So get a paper and pen and write down the skills you have that have helped you in more than one job in the past. 

Focus on What’s in Demand

Next thing to do is focus on what’s in demand, but not just within the fields you’re interested in. Work out what employers are looking for across the board, and match these requirements to your own qualities. Both soft and hard skills are important to think about here. 

The best thing about this step is that you can even have some specific, non transferable skills that get a look in here. Something you and only you can do, that an employer would pay top dollar for, is always going to shoot you to the top of their interviews list. 

Consider the ‘Dangerous’ Jobs

And finally, you may want to think about working in an occupation that might be a little more hazardous than what you’re used to. You want to be granted a stable and sizable salary for your labor, and that means looking into things like job opportunities for hazmat team truck drivers

A dangerous job will usually have a low competitive rate, but still have enticing wages, to ensure people at least consider joining the team. And if you want to make a difference in your career, becoming a manager in industrial fields, or working in waste disposal, or even just joining the medical field, could be the answer to your job search. 

You need a job, and you need to be able to beat all other applicants out of the field. How do you do that? Go for a job where few people are applying, if the pay is good enough and you know you could do some good work for your employer. 

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