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Finding a Job First and a Career Second

For many people finding a job is one thing, but their main goal is finding a career. Jobs can come and go in a lifetime, but once a person settles into a career, they tend to stick with that for their entire working life.

The problem is that these days, the work environment has changed drastically. With the continued struggles in the job market and unemployment at high numbers, looking for a career before finding a job can be a flaw that leads you to not working for a lot longer that you have to.

So, the approach of finding a career should really be viewed as finding a job first. This doesn’t mean take any job that comes your way, but you may have to settle for a position that is less than what you expected right out of the gate.

The important thing is to get working with a company that has plenty of room for advancement. This will allow you the opportunity to settle into a career with that company is you choose to. At the very least, you will have a job and can work that job until you find another career opportunity to pursue.

Many times what may only seem to be a job at first can easily become a career. Really you never know what might pique your interest until you give it a shot. So, the job you end up taking may not be what you view as the perfect scenario for a career that will last, but it may just end up being a career that you will not only enjoy, but that you will also do well with.

One thing is certain, with no job there can be no career. Therefore, find yourself a job first and then focus on your career.

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