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Five Ways You Can Get Ready for the Job Market in 2018

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In case you are looking for a new career or position in the new year, and you have made a resolution to improve your employability, you need to get started as soon as possible. There are several ways you can get yourself ready for the job market and attract modern employers with your CV and professional profile. Below you will find some tips on getting your career progression plans off the ground.

1. Update Your CV

If you would like to apply for a job advertised this week with a CV that is dated a few years back, you will not be likely to succeed. Find out what companies are searching for in a candidate today. List your most recent achievements and qualifications, including that health and safety training that you took with your current employer. Let them know that you are in the game by publishing your awards and recognitions. Impress potential employers by letting them know what you can achieve.

2. Enroll for Online Courses Relevant to Your Industry

To improve your chances of getting hired by your dream employer, you might want to look for extra qualifications that they will appreciate. If you want to work for a marketing company, make sure you get Google qualified by Google Digital Garage. In case you want to look after elderly people, take an online course on health and social care, nutrition, and physical therapy. Consider the industry of the company and update your skills accordingly. If you want to apply for a management position, it might be a good idea to research 18 month mba programs online to show the company that you are willing to learn.  

3. Start Networking Online and Offline

The best job offers will come to you when you least expect them. Sign up for an online or offline networking group, and find out as much as you can about your desired position. Introduce yourself to potential employers through LinkedIn Careers, and be the first to be notified of a new job opening. Ask people already in the industry what their bosses are looking for, and how they got hired.

4. Talk to Employers and Workers

To make an informed decision about your new year’s career move, it is important to learn more about the position and the benefits of working for a particular company. Some modern workplaces offer training, flexible working, and career progression plans. Ask current employees about what they like about the company, or check review sites, such as Glassdoor to find out more about the compensation, CEO, and work ethics at the company before you apply.  

5. Find Your Unique Selling Point

To stand out from the competition, it is important that you find a skill or qualification that other candidates don’t have. You might have experience working with difficult companies, or come from an educational background, which will make you more employable than others.

Whenever you plan a career change, make sure that your CV, cover letter, and knowledge are suitable for the modern day employer.

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