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Getting Off The Unemployment Line: 3 Things You Need To Do

There are not many pros to being unemployed. Staying in bed longer may be one benefit, but there aren’t many others. Having no money sucks, and the lack of focus in your day can ruin your self-esteem. Then there are the endless hours standing in the unemployment line. Sound familiar? Many of us find ourselves unemployed at some point during our lives, but there are ways you can get out of the situation. In this article, we will give you three ideas to improve your employability. We hope it helps, and if you are out of work right now, we wish you every success in your job search.

  1. Work on your resumé

Many employers ask for a resumé above and beyond an application form these days, so you need to concentrate your efforts into creating something that stands out. After all, your resumé won’t be the only one that falls on the employer’s desk. Follow these tips, and you will have made a good headway. Then get your resumé out there. Hand a copy to employers at job fairs, and email them to any company where you may be a good fit. However, you may need to tailor your resumé slightly to match particular employer requirements, so spend some time reading job descriptions before applying. As the saying goes, ‘one size doesn’t always fit all.’

  1. Consider voluntary work

You don’t need to split your day up between your bed and your sofa when you’re out of work. By taking on a volunteer position, you are giving yourself some focus for your day, and improving your employability to boot. Consider what you are interested in and where your skills lie and look for something that will suit you. Good with kids? Volunteer at a local school. Care for the environment? Volunteer at a local conservation centre. There are so many things you can do, and even if the voluntary work doesn’t match the jobs you eventually go for, the employer will still be impressed that you did something with your life, instead of watching the tv for the duration of your unemployment.

  1. Learn some new skills
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You may have a dream job in mind, but your current skill level may not be up to par. Alternatively, there may be basic skills you lack that are preventing you from finding any employment on the job market. Computer skills are just one example, as many companies require applicants to have some I.T. knowledge. Whatever the case, you need to focus on expanding your skill-set. We have already mentioned voluntary work, and that will certainly help. Going back to school may be another option, such as an evening class at a local college or community centre, or even an online course that can be taken flexibly. So, consider the jobs you are applying to, and look at their requirements. If you don’t match up to them, focus on finding training and experiences to improve your chance of getting that job or similar in the weeks and months to come.


You can feel both hopeless and helpless when you’re out of work. However, follow the advice we gave you, browse the rest of our site for other helpful tips, and speak to a careers guidance office if you need further help. You will find work one day, so chin up, be positive, and take all the steps necessary to get back into work.

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