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Getting Started With A Career In Cybersecurity

Do you want to get involved in the ever growing area of cyber security? Well, here are some great tips to help you do so and open doors.

  1. Become Certified

It goes without saying that if you want to qualify for the best positions in the cybersecurity industry, you need to be certified. The vast majority of employers require high-level certifications such as CISSP. If you are just getting started, you can begin by earning the CompTIA Security+ certificate through Security Plus training. This will give you the background that you need to pursue more advanced types of certification. The most important thing to remember is that if you want to be a true contender for many of today’s cybersecurity jobs, certification is a must. Even if you don’t get the most advanced certification right out of the gate, any type of certification will give you a leg up.

  1. Become a Leader

It goes without saying that the vast majority of cybersecurity jobs center on the technical aspects of the job. However, there are also other important requirements such as being able to lead or to make quick decisions when necessary. In most cases, these jobs are done in a team setting. Because of that, you need to be able to work well with other people. If you have solid leadership skills, you will also be in a better position to get hired since employers appreciate job candidates who are ready to become a part of their team.

  1. Take Part in Hackathons

if you want to be successful in cybersecurity, you need to understand how hackers and criminals think. One way to gain some insight into their thought patterns is by participating in an event known as a hackathon. People who participate in these events are ranked based on their skills. Companies often look at these rankings to decide which candidates to hire for cybersecurity positions. The key to success with this technique is to always keep your activities on the up and up. Avoid the temptation to do anything illegal or you could wind up in a position where you can’t get a job and are in trouble with the law like the people who performed these cloud data breaches.

  1. Connect With Others In The Industry

Just like any other career, networking can go a long way toward helping you get a job. By developing solid relationships with people who are involved in the field of cybersecurity, you can improve your chances of finding out about job openings the minute that they become available. With the right connections, you may even be able to get hired before a job is publicly posted. Be sure to keep your LinkedIn profile active, working to connect with others in your industry. Additionally, participate in cybersecurity related groups, both online and in the real world. By meeting more people, you increase your chances of finding a job that you love.

  1. Specialize

In general, you will have a better chance of finding a job if you specialize in one particular aspect of cybersecurity. When you are first starting out with your studies, try to figure out what interests you the most. Then, focus your attention on that particular area, working to develop expert-level knowledge. For instance, if you focus primarily on application development or on cloud computing, your odds of being able to find a good job increase exponentially.

One of the best things about cybersecurity is that the field is constantly growing. In essence, you have the potential to take your career as far as you are willing to go. As you gain more experience, you can look into taking your career to the next level. Before you can do that, though, you need to find your first job. These tips will help.

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