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Here’s How You Can Grow Your Career In The Oil & Gas Industry

The petroleum industry is highly lucrative and rewarding and you can grow your career exponentially if you have graduated with qualifications that allow you to specialize in this industry.

Canada has a high number of senior executives in the oil and gas industry who are poised to retire soon. This is bound to create a workforce gap in the industry. Today, there are many energy companies in Canada scouting for capable employees to take over from the exiting employees.

Young professionals and recent graduates have been favored by this turn of events as they have been given a unique opportunity to join the highly rewarding energy sector. However, on getting a job in this sector, building a robust career and moving up in the ranks of a company can be challenging due to the strong competition. Though there is no formula for building a successful career in the oil and gas sector, you can follow the tips discussed in this article to enhance your chances of success in the industry.


  1. Make Connections with The Right People


Many young and ambitious employees constantly make the mistake of trying too hard to get in the good books of senior staff and corporate hot-shots. I am not saying that this is bad. Even when trying to impress your bosses, remember your position. You should not try to impress your seniors at the expense of building strong relations with the people you work on a daily basis such as support staff and other employees working on the field.

To get a happy and healthy work-life, you should endeavor to treat the people that you work with equally and courteously. By creating deep connections with other employees, you will be able to create a strong reputation and a strong professional network that will help you in advancing your career. If you focus on only making personal gains by pleasing your bosses, you will not be a good team player and this can hinder your career development.


  1. Understand How Things Work In The Field


Whether you are working in the energy sector in corporate management or as a junior engineer, you can gain critical experience that will assist you grow your career by knowing how to handle matters in the field. Remember that in any industry, there is always the high likelihood of disputes occurring between those who deal with matters on the ground and those who only manage matters without actually visiting the area of operations.

By understanding what happens on the ground, you will gain invaluable knowledge that will help you achieve more both personally and in your career. You can gain an edge over other employees by having a practical understanding on the field operations of the oil and gas industry.

An understanding of field operations will make you more competent in all aspects and it will help you get along better with other team members. You will also earn more respect if you can answer queries on operational matters while others can’t. With knowledge on how your industry actually operates, you will be able to see the big picture of how the industry operates and how your firm runs.


  1. Find A Mentor


With the assistance of a mentor, you can be able to unlock the gates to success and accelerate the growth of your career in many ways. TRS Staffing can help you along your energy career path. With a mentor, you will get real-world training and experience that will no doubt complement the knowledge that you already have on the industry. A personal mentor will also offer you technical knowledge that you can use to increase your competence. Remember that a higher level of competency usually breeds more confidence which is essential for quicker progression in any career.

By finding a mentor, you will also be building a professional relationship with key benefits that you can mine in the future. For example, you can use your mentor as a referee should the need arise in the future. The energy sector usually places a lot of importance on verifiable track records. If you have a mentor who can act as a referee, you are essentially laying a foundation for a successful career in the energy sector.

With a mentor, you will also be able to get important advice on how you can progress at work.

The energy industry is complex and multi-faceted and if you are not careful, you can end up loosing sight of the big picture. A mentor can prove invaluable as they will be there when you feel overwhelmed and they will always guide you back to the right path when you lose your way.

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