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How Learning To Love The Job You Hate Can Boost Your Career Prospects

We like to think that all the jobs we have in our careers have been good. Sadly, that’s not the case for everyone. For some folks, after the initial “honeymoon period” of a new job, they start to hate going to work each day. In fact, they have to drag themselves out of bed each morning to go to it, and they spend their spare time looking for a new job!

As you are reading this, it is likely you don’t exactly relish the prospect of spending several hours each day working for a company you hate. While I’m not suggesting you don’t look for a new job, what I do recommend is that you make your life at work more bearable and maybe even enjoyable right now!

You may not realize it, but learning to love the job you hate CAN boost your career prospects! Here’s why:

Loving the job you hate gives you a new challenge

Some people don’t like their work because it bores them to tears! Perhaps there was a time where every minute of the day was busy and time would fly by but nowadays each day is quieter than the last.

Giving yourself the challenge of loving your job can supply you with some new-found enthusiasm for your work.

It’ll get you noticed

Do you work for a large company or organization? If so, you’ll no doubt work with scores of other people. Being more passionate about the work you do will get you noticed by the people that make decisions where you work: your managers.

Consistently high productivity and achievements will likely fast-track you into a better role within the same firm. It’s a simple strategy to boost your prospects with future employers. Why? The answer is simple: you’ll gain new skills that you can apply to different jobs.

You can learn something new

If you show an interest in going the extra mile, you could end up learning new skills. That’s because your boss may want to see if you could do even better working in another area of the business.

For instance, let’s say that you provide a supportive function for your employer. If you’re an excellent communicator and get on well with everyone, you could learn new skills from sales training programs and move into sales from your support role. With such an example, you’ll learn something new and have the potential to earn more money!

You could turn your employer’s fortunes around

It’s no secret that prospective employers look for specific metrics on a person’s resume. Examples include increasing sales by 50% in one year or getting the company recognized by an official body for their work.

If you do something like that in your current role, you’ll have additional metrics to add to your already impressive resume! Plus, it’s likely you will help to boost morale for yourself and your co-workers, especially if there was a threat of job losses looming.
Now that you know what to do, it’s time to fall in love with your job again!

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