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How to Become a Private Dance Instructor

If dancing is your passion, and you love teaching others and sharing your love for dance, you may want to consider pursuing a job or career as a private dance instructor. While there is no one track to becoming a dance instructor, there are some ways to can move in the right direction and acquire the necessary experience, training and education needed for this position. Here are some helpful tips about how to become a private dance instructor.

First, you need to have plenty of dance experience yourself. Before becoming an instructor, you should have many years of experience as a student. You will want to train and dance with a reputable, high quality dance studio or company where you can leaner dance skills, etiquette, and other techniques first hand. It is ideal to have experience win multiple styles of dance such as tap, ballet, hip hop and more. There more versatile your dance abilities are, the more successful you will e as an instructor later on because you will have a wide repertoire to share with your dance students when you are a teacher. As a teacher, you will need to continue your own practice and studies so that you can demonstrate and show moves, steps and postures to your students in class.

When teaching at a dance school, you will almost definitely need to hold a High School diploma or GED equivalent. While these skills and this information is not totally relevant to dance, the communication and reading and writing skills gained in high school are essential in a studio. Having a diploma show your employer and clients that you are able to communicate with students, parents and employers professionally and properly.

If you would really like to take your craft and art or a step further, you may want to go on to get a bachelor’s degree in dance from a college or university. Many dance schools will require this degree, and you may also want to teach dance in an elementary, middle or high school where the degree will definitely be necessary. In a B.A. program, you gain skills in performing arts, expanding your abilities. In addition, you can learn business skills and other helpful information that will help you to further progress as a professional, a teacher, a dancer, and a business person.

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You can go even further if you are very serious about our dance career and want to make it a permanent profession. You can continue your education by getting your Masters Degree or a Doctorate Degree. You can focus your studies very specifically on areas such as dance instruction and education, fine arts, performance, or ballet. Here you will also be able to refine your dance abilities, getting experience in choreography and performing on your own.

Taking these steps will help you to acquire the necessary skills, education and experience you will need to become a private dance instructor. Whether you work independently, at a dance school like Now and Then Dance Studios, or at a regular school you will be prepared for the professional dance world and will be abel to guide your students successfully to love and enjoy dance as much as you do!

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