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How to Choose a Couriering Company that Reflects the Changing Demands of Consumers

The technological revolution that has characterised the past two decades has affected every area of our lives. It’s not just that all of our work is done on computers, or that most of our leisure time is spent on them too; there is an app for everything. We use these advances to improve our love lives, reconnect with old friends, entertain ourselves, and do almost all of our shopping.

For businesses that sell physical goods, this means that a strong web presence is now a necessity, and as part of the overall package, you need to offer delivery as an option. But consumers expect an awful lot from the couriering outfit you choose. To make sure you pick the right one, here are a few top tips to help you…

1: They Need to Offer Speedy Delivery 

We live in an instant gratification society, and those who order online expect their products to arrive almost as quickly as if they’d walked into a shop and bought them directly. Spending five to seven days waiting for an item to reach you is no longer considered acceptable; in fact, it is taken as a sign of poor customer service. This is why you need a courier like InXpress in your corner. Offering exceptional speed without a loss of service, they’ll do wonders for your retention rates.    

2: They Need to Keep Consumers Updated 

It’s not enough to deliver quickly; the recipients of your products want to be updated every step of the way too. They’ll need to know not only when you post their item, but also where it is at every stage of its journey, and if they can track it in real time even better. Make sure you choose a courier who’s happy to let the buyer know what’s happening, and your customer service ratings should be through the roof.   

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3: They Need to Offer In-Flight Options 

How many of us are at home all day to answer the door for parcel deliveries? The answer is very few. Whether you’re selling to other businesses or directly to consumers, make sure you choose a courier who gives the recipient plenty of in-flight options to pick from. Simply having the ability to select delivery to a safe place rather than the specified address can turn the service they receive from sub-par to suitably accommodating.

Choose your courier with care today to guarantee that this aspect of your customer service is truly second-to-none.

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