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How to Cut Down on Workplace Accidents

The reality of working in a place that there are a number of people is that there are likely to be accidents for one reason or another. People’s carelessness, wear and tear on equipment and other issues cause accidents.

In the construction industry where people tend to use heavier tools, machinery and also work from a height, the risk level is increased notably and this can be seen in the statistics for injuries and fatalities in the workplace, which is higher for construction related industries than most others.

However, even though workplace injuries are always going to be somewhat of an issue there are numerous things that can be done to cut the level of risk and make working in construction a far safer job.


Knowledge is power and in the work arena quality health and safety courses can greatly assist people in cutting down on serious work related issues and risks. Courses such as CITB SMSTS Courses and others offer people in control and managing construction sites all the information they require to ensure a safe site.

These sorts of courses cover a wide range of different aspects of the safety involved in managing a construction site and keeping it safe. From covering the Health and Safety at Work act, to risk management and information on demolitions and electricity – there are a wide range of areas covered by such courses. They allow managers and others to develop and understanding and awareness in respect to the health, safety and welfare of people working on the site in a legal, moral and social manner.

Avoiding Short Cuts

One of the main reasons for injuries in the workplace and something a lot of people learn from taking courses, as well as from experience, is that taking shortcuts can be the biggest cause of issues in the workplace. Getting things done quickly or an attitude like that can cause all sorts of problems and often leads to rushing and oversights that can cause significant problems.

Workplace Driving

Workplace driving accidents are very common unfortunately and can cost employers thousands of pounds in fees, as well as other issues too. One of the biggest causes for workplace transit issues revolves around lacklustre care of company vehicles. The best and easiest way to prevent this is to ensure the cars are inspected each month for issues, repairs are made when possible and all cars are checked for lights, turn signals and tire pressure before each drive. This will greatly cut down on risk.


Weather can be a contributing factor to issues at work, particularly in more extreme times of the year. In the winter, frost and cold can be big problems and can impact on your health as well as your ability to do your job. Apt clothing is always a necessity and employees or workers should be comfortable in their work gear and also safe to do their jobs without worry or the potential for health and safety issues.

These tips can greatly help you ensure that health and safety at work is a priority and not a side thought, allowing you to keep you employees and yourself safe at work, whether in the construction industry or not.

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