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How to Dress for Casual Friday at Work

Coworkers chatting

Coworkers chatting So, you just got a memo at your job that one of your wishes has been granted. Your company has just officially passed the decision that it is appropriate to have a Casual Friday dress code! That means that you don’t have to wear the business suits or dress shoes (or heels) at least one day a week. Congrats.

However, that’s not a license to look like you just rolled out of bed. After all, casual is not a synonym for “effortless” or “tacky”. Indeed, there has to be somewhat of a happy medium between wearing what’s right for work and feeling totally comfortable and relaxed.

And how do you pull that balance off exactly? Well, we have five helpful tips below:

Follow the guidelines. One of the quickest ways to lose this kind of dress code privilege is by not respecting the rules that are put into place. If it says no shorts, don’t wear any. If it says that no ripped jeans are allowed, try and honor that. There is a dress code for a reason and so if you’re ever in doubt that something may not be a good idea for an office setting, it’s best to leave it for another time.

Less is more. OK, here’s the thing. If you’re a man who usually wears a three-piece suit, why not consider going without the tie or even without the tie and the jacket? Or, if you’re a woman who wears a suit and heels, why not leave the jacket, swap out the blouse for a top that’s a bit more casual-yet-modern and trade in the pumps for some cute leather flats?

Only dark denim. Whether you’ve always been allowed to wear denim to work or if it’s something that you are able to now do on Fridays, it’s safe to go with a dark-colored pair. It can really be the best of both worlds because while they feel really comfortable, being that they are a darker hue, they still look professional.

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No T-shirts or sneakers. Now, of course this particular tip is based on where you work, but if it’s a traditional office setting, it really doesn’t look very business-like to wear T-shirts that have sport teams, logos or silly sayings on them. While we’re at it, sneakers tend to say more “playing ball after work” than “office attire”. Therefore, it’s really best to leave the T-shirts and sneakers at home. There is one sidebar to this. If your company says that sneakers are acceptable, opt for more designer styles instead. You might find more varieties that are suitable.

Have fun. After all of those recommendations, it might seem like Casual Friday is more restrictive than anything else, but it really doesn’t have to be. Once you figure out the parameters, just make it a point to come up with some creative looks within it. Soon, you’ll be known as the person at work who actually can teach people a thing or to when it comes to dressing well. Yes, even on Casual Fridays!

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