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How to Find Virtual Bookkeeping Jobs

Plenty of businesses, both large and small, are looking for qualified individuals to help them keep track of their finances so that they can cut waste and account for income and expenses in a timely and accurate manner. In short, they’re looking for more efficiency and ultimately profit when it comes to their accounting practices. And whether you happen to be a deft hand at penning a ledger and sorting receipts, you’re a whiz when it comes to accounting software, or you’re a CPA seeking some work on the side, there are companies out there that want you. The only question is how to go about finding these jobs so that you can start saving clients time and money on their bookkeeping tasks. Here are a few ways to find the virtual bookkeeping opportunities you’re seeking.

The thing you may need to know about virtual bookkeeping is that it is often done remotely, meaning you’ll work from home using the materials sent to you. This could mean a lot of data entry, but it doesn’t necessarily preclude you from traditional types of bookkeeping like filling out ledgers manually and organizing stacks of receipts. However, it is most likely that you will be required to work in a digital format if you’re hired for virtual bookkeeping positions. That said, the best place to search is probably online, and there are several venues you’ll want to consider.

If you happen to be a highly skilled bookkeeper or even an accountant, you might want to start with industry-related forums. While these platforms are generally reserved for professionals within a particular field, starting here can give you the opportunity to connect with those who are already doing the type of job you’re looking for, which means they can offer you advice on the best websites for seeking jobs in your niche. As an added bonus you can network within a group of colleagues and potentially even offer your services when it comes to any overflow work they might have, potentially having jobs handed to you.

Of course, you shouldn’t count on that. As a virtual worker you’re probably going to have to hustle for clients. But there are a number of websites that can help you out here. You might begin by perusing the offerings from freelance sites like ODesk, Elance, and Guru. These sites cater to all kinds of freelancers, from virtual assistants to writers to graphics and IT specialists, so you’ll have to fill out a profile that lists your field and your qualifications. But once this is done you can start bidding for jobs. Over time, as you build a reputation, you may find that you start getting requests for work, which could lead to ongoing clientele.

On the other hand, you’ll face a lot of competition on these sites and you’ll likely find that the work is short-term and low-pay (hey, everyone starts somewhere). Another option, especially if you have an accounting degree (even from an online source like or you’re a CPA, is to search job boards or even Craigslist for longer-term contracts. If you have the credentials and clients are impressed with your work you could end up with good referrals, repeat customers, and better pay and stability in the virtual bookkeeping game.

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