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How to Get a Promotion

The one thing many people wish for when they are in a job a while is a promotion. Progress and growth within your job is the best way to gain new experiences, new skills, new ideas, and also get paid a little more too! But, is there a magic formula for being able to secure a promotion? Unfortunately, no. However, this article should provide some helpful tips in the absence of that magical formula on how to get a promotion!

Keep Track of Your Achievements 

When you are managing an entire business, with different people to meet and talk too, from suppliers, shareholders, stakeholders, competitors, customers and just the overall running of a business, it can be difficult for the managers to keep track of everything you have done. So, something that could be useful is just keeping a track of all of your achievements, no matter how big or small. Then when it comes to promotion time, you can list all the things you have done up until that point, and that attention to detail matters if you want a good chance of being selected for a promotion. 

Be a Good Team Player

Another way that would help you have a better chance of securing promotion is by being a team player. Someone who works well with others is someone who shows they are empathetic, take initiative, have great communication skills and more. This one trait and one method showcase many different ways in which you would be a great person to be promoted. Being promoted is one of the best things that could happen when you are working at a company, and the way people get seen is by not being solitary. Be in teams, network and work well in teams and your name will be sure to trickle up to the top levels of the company, and a good brand will begin to form around your name.

Be Proactive

One thing managers hate is having to tell people what to do. It may be a surprise as sometimes it seems that all that they do, but being proactive and taking initiative are some of the best ways that you can impress the top bosses and secure a great promotion! Knowing what to do, and doing it without being told. Going that extra mile to secure a great quality piece of work or finish the work or presentation that you need. All of these little things build up to say a lot about you when it comes to promotion time and managers looking at your name and considering you for the next level.

Work Hard

Last but not least, to be promoted you can’t just do the bare minimum. The saying does go, work hard, play hard, for a reason. You get out what you put in, so if you put in the bare minimum, then you will get the bare minimum in return, and promotion will certainly not be on the cards. So, work hard, be proactive, be a great team player and network to get your name out there, and keep track of your achievements. These all together won’t guarantee you a promotion, but they will get you a good chance!

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