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How To Make Yourself Way More Attractive To The Big Boys

In this day and age, our eyes are constantly bombarded with all of the glamorous things in life. For the majority of us, they’re not quite tangible just yet. We’re talking, of course, about the likes of social media, magazines and TV shows showing us the best and most wonderful things in life. With that kind of access, the mind wanders and begins to crave what it sees on the screens and on the pages. 

These kinds of people are in the position to show off their wealth due to the work they put in. They managed to grab a fantastic opportunity, and they truly took the bull by the horns. A lot gets made of the glitz and glamour of this lifestyle, but the boring and hard work never gets shown – because, most of the time, it’s exactly that: boring. 

Before these guys and girls got into the positions they were in, they needed to be able to convince their bosses that they were the best person for the job. They didn’t just roll up to the office one day and have everything in front of them. They worked at their employability and made it a no-brainer for them to be welcomed aboard. 

Meeting the requirements and having the necessary experience is super important, obviously, but if you can’t show people in positions of authority that you’re the standout candidate in other ways, then you probably aren’t going to get as far as you’re imagining. Thankfully, the points that we’re about to go through aren’t expert-level task – anyone can do them. So, with that said, let’s dive right into how you can make yourself more employable and how you can land the big jobs.       

Perfect Your Resume

First and foremost, you’re going to want your first impressions to be utterly stellar. As we mentioned before, you can have all of the impressive stuff scattered across your resume, but if it is, in fact, scattered everywhere, then the hint of messiness and organization is going to stand out immediately. Many employers, and especially ones at the very top of the food chain, will throw resumes into the trash straight away if they don’t like the look of it. As much as you may feel that your achievements are enough, you’ll need to make the entire look of it much more attractive. 

This probably goes without saying, but it’s a good idea to give the entire thing a full going over multiple times, as well. The spelling and grammar will need to be impeccable, so look out for any mistakes – no matter how tiny they might be. 

Ask Careers Advisors

There are people out there that make it their duty to help people out with their life choices in a professional sense. If you need any pointers on how to make yourself the best and most attractive prospect you could possibly be, then these guys will be able to give you them. They’ll talk to you about anything from improving your resume to guiding you in the right direction. They obviously won’t be able to spoon-feed you, but you definitely learn a thing or two.  

Learn New Skills

A person with an array of different skills is going to be looked at more fondly than someone without a particular collection. Whether these skills are random or whether they’re transferable, they would’ve been obtained through good work ethic, perseverance and enthusiasm. Those are just three in a long list of attributes that would pique the interest of any boss. Obviously, having extra skills in your arsenal will make you more competent and confident going forward. So don’t just idle in your free time; look for something productive to do!

Go Back To School

Going back into education and filling your brain with more knowledge is a sure-fire way to impress someone. Again, it shows a heap of positive attributes whilst enhancing your own personal mastery. If you wanted to go into a job regarding nursing, you could apply for a course at Regis College and see where that gets you. If you’re quite the mathematician and want to work with numbers, you could chance your arm with an application at the LSE. There’s no reason why someone cannot or should not continue learning. 

Be Active On Social Media

The main social media platform that you’ll want to use in order to highlight yourself to big companies is LinkedIn. The majority of social media platforms these days are taken up by people wanting to promote their own personal photos, socialize, and vent – LinkedIn is a more serious and professional outlet. Big firms scour this platform looking for the best guys and girls, so if you present yourself neatly and show yourself off, you’ll stand yourself in good stead. You can also use LinkedIn to promote any business ventures you have yourself. Furthermore, a lot of networking can be done in this particular place. Building links and acquiring contacts could be a big part of getting you to where you want to be.

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and a whole host of your typical social media sites can be used to promote yourself, too – albeit in a less formal way. Networking and marketing techniques are used a lot in these cases.  


When you volunteer, you’re getting nothing in return other than experience and personal development. That shows potential employers how enthusiastic you are to work. It also could show them just how interested you are in a particular field. If you display that you’d work for people just because you want to work for them, that’ll score huge points. The big players always want something for nothing.

Practice Speaking 

The interview stage is obviously super important. Much like the resume, the genuine face-to-face first impressions need to be on point. If you show up to an interview with an air of nervousness, then the outcome may not be what you want. Confidence isn’t something that just happens – you have to work at it. Practice speaking a lot. Practice talking with exuberance and work on positive body language. 

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