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How to Pick a Job: Choosing the Best Career Path for You

Did you know that 60% of millennials are open to different job opportunities? Well, a recent Gallup study established that millennials are a job-hopping generation. More than 21% of these young people have actually changed their jobs within the last year.

Given the high rate of wrong career paths, the figures aren’t shocking. Many young people don’t know the best way to choose a career. Consequently, they end up stuck in unfulfilling jobs.

It is essential to know how to pick a job that fits perfectly. Here are practical tips for choosing the best career path.

Conduct a Self-Assessment 

Self-reflection is an indispensable step when choosing a career. You have to learn more about yourself; skills, interests, and values. Your personality type will also determine the best occupation for you.

With a variety of career tests and self-assessment tools available online, you can know more about your personality and the career that best fits you. If need be, you can walk with a career counselor to navigate through the self-assessment phase.

In your self-reflection, write down your thoughts. If unsure of some of your traits, close friends and family can help. It would be best if you were as honest as possible to start your career journey on the right path.

Define Your Career Goals

Knowing what you want from a career will guide you in making the right decision. Are you looking for a competitive salary? A career that will make you travel the world? A flexible job?

You need to be clear on the must-haves for your career. Some options won’t be viable if you want a career where you’re working solely from home. You’ll be frustrated and unsatisfied if you follow a career path that doesn’t meet most of your desires.

With your career goals, it is possible to research and determine what might work for you. Choosing a career path should be based mainly on what you consider desirable.

Create a List of Jobs to Explore

Now that you’ve assessed your personality and established your career goals, the next step is creating a list of potential jobs. If you’re wondering how to pick a job, having a list of several occupations that sound interesting is a great place to start.

You might want to focus more on the job descriptions as opposed to the titles. The description is what will determine if the job is a good fit. You can start your job exploration by researching more on your network’s careers if they seem to interest you.

Identifying appealing industries and making your list from there will give you considerable headway. Your career list should be consistent with your values and goals. You’ll also need to evaluate your talents and strengths.

Explore the Listed Occupations and Narrow them Down 

About 53% of Americans are unhappy with their jobs. Most of these people are probably unsatisfied due to wrong career choices. When narrowing down your list of explored jobs, you must be quite critical to ensure that you don’t end up in the wrong profession.

Start by checking out the day in the life of your listed careers. The job responsibilities and descriptions will give you crucial information on what’s expected of you daily. Your networks within the industry can also be resourceful in informing you about the day in the life of specific careers.

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Research more about the salary. The Bureau of Labor Specific can point out the average salary of most careers. While compensation is not the main factor in choosing the right job, it is an important consideration.

In the quest to narrow down your career options, consider the job outlook, growth opportunities, and job requirements. It would help to analyze in-depth how your career path will shape out in the next few years. As such, consider jobs that offer opportunities to scale.

Make Your Choice 

After a thorough analysis of your career list, it’s time to make a choice. Pick a career that will guarantee you optimal satisfaction based on gathered information. Note that the decision isn’t cast on stone, you can have a do-over if you change your mind.

It would be better to change your career path before getting into employment. Changing careers isn’t a big deal; at the end of the day, you want to be in a field that motivates you to wake up every morning. While at this stage, make long-term and short-term goals for further guidance.

Get Relevant Training 

Does your career require additional credentials or training? Check out InterCoast for a certificate, diploma, and degree programs to kickstart your career. The skills and knowledge you’ll acquire will give you leverage when starting your career.

You can review the education, experience, and requirements of relevant job postings to know the training that will work for you. Some employers have provisions for on-the-job training. However, having the right set of skills will set you apart from other applicants.

Your resume should reflect the training and resultant skills and strengths. Keep exploring job positions in your desired career to know what potential employers want. From the information gathered, you can pursue relevant training and update your resume for better opportunities.

With the right training and an updated resume, it’s time to find your dream job. Career sites such as is a great place to start. You’ll get hundreds of opportunities, and you’ll only need to filter based on job type, experience level, and location.

It’s Crucial to Know How to Pick a Job for a Fulfilling Career

A career is a long-life path that you need to think carefully before jumping in. How to pick a job that’s satisfying remains a concern for many people. It is vital to follow career tips that will guide you in choosing a career path.

It would be easy to follow a fulfilling path once you establish what you want in a job. Making a career choice shouldn’t be a rush decision. Take your time to define your career goals, values, and personality and how they play out in an occupation.

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