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How To Turn Your Passion For Beauty Into A Successful Career

Do you have a passion for beauty? Are you someone that loves makeup and has loads of different face and hair products that you use every day? Do some of your friends always ask you to do their makeup before a night out? 

If you’re passionate about something, it makes sense to pursue it as a career. Contrary to what some people might tell you, beauty careers are worthwhile and profitable. It’s a booming industry, and most people may try to put you off just because it isn’t a ‘traditional’ career. Well, if you love this domain, then why don’t you follow this career path? Here are some pointers to guide you on your journey.

Figure out your niche

For most people, the hardest part of finding a job is figuring out what the heck you want to do. Luckily, your passion for beauty has already narrowed down the options. However, you should still consider what you want to specialize in. Will you pursue a more cosmetic-based career that looks at makeup and skin? Or, are you more hair-orientated and wish to pursue a career in this sector? Figure out your niche, then proceed with the next steps. 

Get the right training

There’s a meme circulating that compares how much training beauty specialists go through compared to police officers. Surprisingly, you’ll have a more extensive education as a beauty specialist! As such, you need to get the right training based on your goals. The good news is that any beauty school will typically cover all aspects of hair & beauty. So, you can find courses that align with your aspirations. From here, it’s a case of studying hard and learning all the skills and techniques needed for this career. 

Practice in your spare time

Practice makes perfect. Yes, you will undergo lots of training, but you still need to occupy your spare time with some additional learning. The best way to learn is through practice. Ask your friends or family if you can use them to hone your skills. It’s such a great way of applying the techniques you’re learning in school. Of course, you can always use yourself if nobody is willing to be your dummy. 

Find a job

When you’ve passed your course, you’re ready to look for work. There are two avenues to go down: 

  • Find a role at an existing beauty businesses
  • Become a freelancer

Both options have pros and cons. You can make more money as a freelancer, but you aren’t guaranteed to find clients straight away. Working for a business means your salary is capped, but you do get clients all the time. If you’ve already got a lot of people keen to pay for your services, then freelancing works best. Still, there’s no harm in applying for roles at beauty parlors and gaining some experience. Then, later on in your career, you can become a freelancer with lots of potential customers and a back catalog of work to show as evidence of your skills. 

There you have it: how to turn your passion for beauty into a successful career. Don’t let anyone tell you your dreams are stupid. If you love something, do whatever you can to make a career out of it. 

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