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Human Resources: 6 Signs You Should Consider Working in HR

With the employment of HR managers expected to continue to grow at a rate of 9 percent each year through 2026, this is the best time for you to make a career change!

Are you ready to switch careers but aren’t sure what you really want to do yet? Have you ever wondered if a career in human resources would be ideal for you?

Keep reading for some obvious signs that you should be working in HR.

  1. You Enjoy Other People

You might find working in HR a good career if you enjoy spending time with friends and never miss an opportunity to get together. You might also be eager to meet new people or get to know the strangers that are sitting at the table next to you. Making connections with people and learning more about them are all great indications that you would thrive in a human resources atmosphere.

HR is about helping out others and getting them to become the best employee that they can be. In order to do this, you have to be able to learn more about them and figure out what makes them tick as a person. Once you can figure out how to motivate a person you can also help your company be successful by creating a positive work culture.

  1. You Are Great at Strategizing

Are you generally the person who organizes your family trips, or are you always in charge of gathering your old group of friends together? Do you take great pains in making sure that everyone is happy and satisfied with the arrangements you make?

You might not realize it, but a career in human resources is the perfect place for you to flex your strategizing muscles. When working in HR, you will be required to balance interests with priorities and make decisions knowing the possible outcomes.

Successful HR representatives are capable of understanding how their decisions can affect the employees and the business as a whole. This requires someone who is good at strategizing and be able to make the best decisions to keep the business on a good track.

  1. You Can Handle Complicated Situations

In your daily life are you able to handle complicated situations that may occur amongst your friends and family? Can you detangle uncomfortable situations and handle them with decency and decorum?

If you are great at handling tough situations with a delicate hand than you are a great candidate for working in human resources. Relationships can be complicated and messy, and they can get even more difficult when in a work setting. You should be able to communicate effectively with staff and build relationships grounded in trust.

As an HR professional, it will be your job to maintain the integrity of the business and handled issues with fairness. You will be called upon to handle tough situations such as any reports of harassment, discrimination, or any disciplinary problems that might arise.

In some situations, you might have to decide whether someone keeps or loses their position or job. These aren’t easy calls to make so be sure you are ready to handle these types of complicated situations when considering a career in HR.

  1. You’re Influential

Do you often find yourself discussing ideas with your friends and family and looking at ways to expand on them? Do you listen intently and then share your thoughts on certain things they should further consider? Do your friends and family appreciate and often times take your advice?

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HR is a good career for you to consider if you find that you are able to influence your friends and family’s decisions and ideas for the best. You can help guide business leaders to make decisions that are good for their business but also for their employees.

For example, you might find that the management is considering making budget cuts and as a result, a reduction in staff might be necessary. After careful research and consideration, you know that certain staff members are vital to the business and if they are removed from the staff it might negatively affect the business. You will have to use tact when discussing with management why their budget saving cuts won’t work and possibly have some other solutions ready for a proposal.

  1. You’re Curious About Business

Do you ever wonder what makes certain businesses so successful while others might fail? Are you interested in hearing about your friends or family’s jobs and the companies that employ them? Do you enjoy researching what went wrong when a company has failed?

This type of curious mindset about the roots of the business is key for a successful career as an HR professional. When working in HR you will be responsible for coming up with solutions that will benefit the employee and the business. You have to be able to make suggestions that will align with the business model and operation of the company in order to be a key player for management.

When an HR representative understands the company they are working for they can help create a better working atmosphere. Nothing is more frustrating for management than to have an HR person who doesn’t understand the company they work for and their overarching goals.

  1. You’re Easy to Talk To

Do you find that people are drawn to you when they want to discuss issues they might be having? Do they feel you won’t judge them for what they are telling you? Can people trust you to keep what you discussed between the two of you?

If you are an approachable person, who is easy to talk to, then you have some of the most critical characteristics of someone who thrives in human resources. You will be someone that an employee feels comfortable approaching when they have an issue either at work or at home and can play an important role in their life.

Learn More Today About Working in HR

If you fit any of these characteristics than it might be time to consider a career working in HR. This is a rewarding field that requires unique individuals who can make the best out of all situations. Climb the corporate ladder even faster by completing a masters in HR management degree online.

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