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Improve Your Career Potential: How can English Course Can Improve your Prospects

People at business meeting

People at business meetingAre you trying to improve your career prospects? It may surprise you to learn that taking an English course could be the key to that career progression you’ve been dreaming of.

The majority of international businesses today are keen to hire well-spoken candidates with exceptional communication skills. Even international companies are constantly seeking employees with an excellent grasp of English. Why? Because it’s the most common language spoken throughout the globe. Thanks to the internet, it’s become easier than ever before to develop new and improve upon your existing skillset. Here we’ll look at how an English course can help you get ahead.

Many graduates lack sufficient English language skills

It’s common to assume if you get a degree, you’re more likely to get a decent job. However, many businesses have found applications from recent graduates are constantly needing to be rejected due to poor English language skills.

Cover letters in particular are often written to a very poor standard. The trouble is, even if English is your first language, there’s a massive difference between standard and business English writing skills. Companies need applicants who can put together well-structured documents. So, unless your degree involved learning business English, you may benefit from taking a specific Business English course from a respected company such as the T.T.I. School of English.

Keeping ahead of the competition

Whilst unemployment rates have dropped significantly across the globe since the recession, there is still a lot of competition. Each time you apply for a job or promotion, you’re going up against potentially hundreds of other applicants. So what’s going to make your application stand out? Further education!

When an employer is sifting through applications, they are more likely to be attracted to ones which list further education. Continued education looks fantastic on a resume. This is especially true if that continued education is a specific English course. It puts you ahead of the competition and highlights you as a knowledgeable, valuable candidate.

With an English course you not only stand a better chance of getting a job, but you will also put yourself into a position to earn a lot more money. So, if you’re looking to progress in your career and start earning a significantly higher amount, a course in English could be exactly what you need.

With this in mind, why not look at the different English courses available and see which would best help you to advance in the workplace? This may prove to be a decision that give you a considerable competitive advantage in an increasingly interconnected, global labour market.

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