Is Your Home Bad For Your Job?

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Home and work. To many of us, these are two entirely separate spaces that we move between on a daily basis. We never think about how these two spaces that between them claim the majority of our time are interconnected. But if something is wrong at home, those things can be seriously bad for your performance at work. We take a look at how your home environment could be affecting your job or stopping you from getting hired


A Restful Night’s Sleep


A significant way in which your home could be damaging your job prospects is if you aren’t set up to get a great night’s sleep. Sleeping correctly is the cornerstone of good health and the mental focus you need to efficiently perform at work, so if you aren’t managing to get a restful night, take a look at why. Firstly, have you got the right mattress? Old, worn out and damaged ones won’t support your body correctly, meaning you’ll be restless during the night. Consider implementing an electronics ban in your room as well, as the blue light emitted by tablets and mobiles can disrupt production of melatonin, a hormone that puts the body in sleep mode. Blackout blinds or a sleep mask and fresh bedding can help. If all else fails try some natural remedies.

A Tidy Atmosphere


It might sound a little out there to say that having a messy home can stop you performing well at work, but its right. The constant low-level stress of being surrounded by chaos is draining and can leave you feeling distracted when you need the mental energy for your job. So consider letting the joy of tidying up take over, and scheduling in some time for an intensive declutter if things are getting out of hand. Marie Kondo is an excellent resource for those looking to get tidy.


Dated Décor


Home should be a place to recharge and relax after a full-on day at work, so consider how freshening up your space could help you feel comfortable and relaxed at home. Rearranging your furniture to make the most of your space is a good starting point, or you could even make sure your evenings are peaceful with a new sofa – something modern and well-made like these colourful beauties from Joybird should do the trick. Restful lighting and proper storage solutions are also good things to think about, so you look forward to your evenings at home.


Harmonious House


If your relationships at home are out of balance, you can carry that tension to your desk with you in the morning. So establishing ways to communicate well with a partner can help to make sure that home life is calm. If you have a crisis going on in your personal life, its best to let your line manager know sooner rather than later if it might affect your work, They may be able to help with reorganising a busy workload or taking some compassionate leave if needed. You don’t have to go into detail, but most employers will be understanding and would rather know sooner if extra support will be required.

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